HR Tech Conference – Here’s What is Happening at Administrate’s Booth

Patrick Flanagan 3 minute read
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Next week, HR Tech Conference will kick off on September 28th, and we’re so excited to be there will all of you and discuss the future of HR and training software.

You can find us at booth #4031. Just look for the whisky bottle that you can enter to win.

We’re looking forward to sharing some great conversations with you and your team. Here’s what you can expect from Administrate at the event.

How Change-Ready Training Software Can Prepare Your Team to Adapt, Quickly

If the last 20 months have taught us anything, it’s that change can come rapidly, and being prepared for it is not always easy. HR and training teams have seen this first-hand, and are still experiencing a wide array of challenges in the narrative of uncertainty.

A lot of learning teams are placing an emphasis on making sure their employees are resilient, and, by extension, their organizations. Preparing to adapt happens in a lot of different ways, from upskilling, to onboarding, to certifications, to meeting new requirements and regulations; however, regardless of your team’s initiatives, if your software isn’t ready to accommodate rapid change, then the transition often doesn’t happen seamlessly.

“Over the last 20 months, organizations have realized that now is the time to invest in people. In order to lead change through people, a lot of the training teams I talk to are looking at software specifically designed to adapt to the uncertainty inherent in our future. For us, future-proofed training lies in our platform approach. I am really excited to talk more about how our solution can help your organization meet new challenges!”

Wendy Sly, Enterprise Business Development, Administrate

Is your learning tech ready to adapt when it matters most? At Administrate, we believe in a platform approach to enterprise training software, and we can’t wait to talk about what that solution can look like for your organization.

How to Plan a Successful Change-Management Project in Training

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Explore three great guides on where to begin your digital transformation journey with training software, how a platform is uniquely positioned to support success, and some of the tactics leading training teams are utilizing to prepare their operations for rapid growth.

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