How Training Leaders Do More, With Less

Automate, streamline, and optimize critical administrative tasks for your training team.

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Configure Unique Workflows, Powered by Deep Data Analytics

Data drives your programs, but training software is usually disconnected and siloed from the critical business systems that can use that data.

Administrate captures, structures and analyzes that training data. How’s this help you be more efficient? The platform uses training data to help you create perfectly tailored, deeply powerful automations for almost any training task.

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Data-Driven Decisions for L&D

As you use Administrate, the platform gathers and models data about your courses, events, learners and more.

Using this underlying data model, Administrate can help you improve training performance and simplify training operations. Use Administrate to find the best time to schedule a training session, suggest when to send a reminder email to learners, or notify you when a particular course is not meeting enrollment requirements
These are just a few examples of how Administrate optimizes training operations — with our extensible platform, you can create the workflows you need.

Advanced Catalog Control

Administrate uses powerful, flexible, and configurable course templates to help you manage your training program.

Course templates are a pillar of the Administrate platform. These templates establish a pattern for how to execute training events. Scheduling, content, awards and certificates are added to the template as data points. Then, they can be accessed and used by the platform to trigger automations, create reports, or notify your team when tasks are due.

Setting up automated achievements and digital badges
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Easily Update Your Course Catalog

Make a single change on a course template and instantly update an entire library of training events associated with that template.

Connect course data to larger business objectives. For example, you could connect HRIS data into Administrate. Using that data, a learner can be placed into specific training events, no matter the modality, based on job title changes, business objectives, or other criteria set outside of Administrate. suggest a learner enroll into a particular course when the learner’s data changes, such as if they are promoted.

Case Study

Royal Caribbean Group boosted productivity by 87%

Royal Caribbean Group uses Administrate to fill every seat, automate communications, and more to boost training productivity.

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Manage All Training Modalities

Administrate’s powerful course templates can easily manage training in any modality.

Deliver a course online, in-person, or via vILT, with built-in integrations for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more. With a single course template, you can deliver training in different modalities, while still capturing critical training data that occurs outside of Administrate.

ViLT, mentorship, and class training modalities
Course template for Email automation

Automate Email and SMS

Course templates can contain flexible templates for personalized messaging.

Add instructions, instruction communications, surveys, and more to messaging templates. Send any combination of emails and SMS to connect with learners and instructors. Messages can be triggered by learner behavior, course changes, or other criteria you set. Once you create a messaging template, it runs automatically – never worry about them again.

Solve Complex Training Logistics

Sync complex instructor calendars, learner schedules, equipment and resource availability and shift work with a single click.

Administrate dramatically reduces the effort needed to manage complex enterprise training schedules. Explore how our data-driven platform learns your schedule requirements and manages your calendars automatically.

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See Administrate in action

Get a personalized demo of the Administrate platform, tailored to your training challenges.

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Built-in Document Management

Administrate makes it easy to audit training content.

Document version control is always active in Administrate, making it easy to report on training content and improving security.

Collaborative Task Workflows

Create custom workflows to keep your team on track.

When a course is ready for review, publication, or a report is ready to be shared – those tasks are assigned automatically to the correct team member. Administrate’s task workflows are built to keep everyone on the same page with reminders, task scheduling, and easy workflow management.

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