Leverage Scalable Learning Technology

How are disconnected learning technology systems limiting the impact of your enterprise training program?

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Features: Virtual meetings, digital badging, surveys, HRIS, identity provider, CRM, LMS integrating into Administrate

Learning Tech Infrastructure Built for Enterprise

You’ve carefully selected the LMS and other tools you need, but creating real synergy with other business systems is a blocker.

Why? Training management software has never been designed as a platform. With Administrate, you can simplify training operations, reduce complex logistics to a few clicks, and measure training impact against performance.

Administrate is the foundational software that supports enterprise training operations. Not a replacement for your LMS, legacy software, or proprietary tools, Administrate is a platform designed to connect to, and elevate, existing training tools.

Access and Leverage 100% of Your Training Data

Most training teams do not have access to critical business information and training data lives in spreadsheets.

This is not sustainable and it isn’t scalable. With Administrate, you connect all of your training data to critical business systems, building a powerful data model that can help you master Business Intelligence for training.

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Reporting options

Administrate is a Data-driven Training Platform

The data model is inherent to Administrate — it’s the foundation of our platform.

The data you need to run courses, plan training, and schedule programs is available in one place. Administrate also connects training data to business data through powerful integrations, allowing you to show training’s impact across the organization while forecasting training needs.

Case Study

A Maritime Manufacturer Solves Employee Turnover with Administrate

When high turnover slowed production lines, we helped this maritime manufacturer identify and solve retention challenges.

Employees at the Brunswick blend factory.

Secure, Redundant, Highly Available Platform

Our clients depend on us to execute world class training operations.

We take this responsibility seriously. Administrate is built on a secure, redundant cloud-based architecture. Training data is securely stored in Administrate and is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Committed to Security & Stability

Most learning tech doesn’t prioritize high availability, but Administrate’s primary services are delivered via Amazon Web Services, with a system uptime of 100%. With multiple mirrored infrastructures, spread around the globe and backed up in real time, we can restore lost service in a matter of minutes.

Administrate meets or exceeds the following standards:

  • SSAE16
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27002
  • PCI Security Standards
  • GDPR
  • Administrate is SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 certified.

Configurable Platform for All of Your Learning Tech

Developers have unprecedented access to our API.

Administrate DX is a toolset that grants developers access to our public API, built on GraphQL with robust, continuously updated documentation, and a live code editor. A demo instance of Administrate is ready for experimentation, run queries using a live runtime to see results.

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Create Your Own Training Technology Infrastructure Plan

Want to see exactly how Administrate will accelerate your training operations?

Connect with our experts and let’s build your own training technology infrastructure plan. We will explore your specific training needs, existing learning technology, and isolate how a training operations platform will help your team scale.


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