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Training Management Built for Enterprise

Administrate is a training management software built to unify, scale, and streamline employee training.

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Learning Infrastructure Built for Enterprise

Enterprise training requires more, Administrate delivers.

Administrate is employee training management software that is infrastructure for enterprise L&D teams. Our software is a deeply-connected, integrated learning platform designed to be built, configured, and modified to meet your needs.

We connect your learning technology into a single training management software. We built Administrate to help training teams streamline training operations while rapidly accessing and utilizing  training data – no matter where it lives in the organization.

Administrate is the backbone of global training teams, allowing teams to rapidly solve complex schedules, show detailed performance reports, manage intricate resources, and automate core training operations.

From the reporting, to the automation, to the approval process, to the event creation - there are so many little things the system does and that I can use, it’s fantastic.

Maria Carcache-Jatib

Manager, Maritime Admin and System Support

Royal Caribbean Group

How Administrate Works

Administrate Simplifies Enterprise Training

Connect, streamline, and optimize complex training operations.


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Administrate is the heart of your learning technology tech stack. Our platform connects to every part of training, and reaches beyond L&D to access data in other systems.

At the center of Administrate is a powerful training data engine. Administrate gathers data from across your organization about learners, training events, compliance requirements, and more then stores it using a secure data model.

With this data it becomes possible to receive accurate decision support, execute powerful automations, and provide detailed reports.

Administrate Features

Go Beyond the LMS: Explore a Dedicated Training Platform

Optimizing your training technology goes beyond having the best LMS.

So if Administrate isn’t an LMS, isn’t an LXP—what exactly is it? Administrate is a training operations platform, built to connect, scale, and adapt to your specific needs. Here are the top features of the platform.

Quickly Solve Complex Training Schedules

Administrate uses the training data stored in the platform to make short work of complex scheduling.

The platform can access leaner and course data, scheduling requirements, compliance needs, instructor and resource availability and crunch the numbers to find the best plan for training events. No more cram sessions with a whiteboard—Administrate can do it in minutes. We call this unique tool Scheduler.

An illustration showing screenshots from Administrate’s learning path tool.

Personalized Learning Journeys Boost Training Effectiveness

Effective learning is critical for employee training.

You can build a learning path in Administrate that takes a learner on a personalized journey, serving up the correct courses and assessments when needed. Learning paths can include a mix of digital, classroom, or blended learning experiences. When a student completes the entire journey, they can be awarded with a digital badge and/or certificate to celebrate their success. With Automatic Registration, students can be automatically registered on the correct learning path based on job role, and this functionality can be connected to an HR system to update in real-time when job roles change.

Powerful Integrations

Administrate is a platform, and that means it comes ready with plenty of useful out-of-the-box integrations.

But Administrate is built to be calibrated precisely to your organization, opening the possibility for true innovation.

Administrate includes an open API backed by continuously updated documentation for developers. We provide an open sandbox instance of Administrate so developers can see how best to leverage Administrate with existing technology. This allows for rapid experimentation, improvement, and execution of custom integrations. We call our suite of developer tools Administrate DX.

An illustration showing how Administrate connects to popular software via integrations including Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Teams, Salesforce, and EdCast.
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Automated Communications

Training managers are forced to spend precious time wrangling emails, SMS, calendar updates, and even phone calls to manage complex training schedules and events.

Administrate is built to automate communications. From the moment you create a new course in Administrate, you have options to automate some or all of the communications with learners, instructor, and admins. Stakeholders outside of the Training function can be included as well. Approvals can be sent to managers, reports to department heads, and summaries shared with senior management.

Course Management

Administrate consolidates course management into a single location.

Manage courses in any modality—classroom, blended, e-learning, vILT—from a single interface. Easily manage resources as well, so locations, equipment, and materials are available at the right time.

An illustration showing Administrate’s calendar and course management tools resolving a course conflict in a scheduled event.
Two training professionals point to a laptop screen. To the right is an illustration of the document management and version control screens in the Administrate platform.

Document Management and Version Control

All of your training documents and content can be stored in Administrate.

Because our platform is cloud-based, documents can be accessed anywhere and are securely stored. Version control is built in, making it easy to identify changes to documents or revert to previous versions.

Customer Success

We’re Your Learning Tech Partner

From day one, we focus on meeting your specific goals.

For more than a decade, Administrate has helped enterprise customers meet challenging goals, and we will share our experiences with you on day one.

Our professional Services team will guide you through implementation and then your Customer Success Manager will make sure you’re able to use Administrate to its fullest while keeping you up to date on all aspects of the platform.

Learn more about our customer success program

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Privacy and Protection

Administrate is Built for Security

Our software comes with class-leading security.

We take security seriously. Administrate is a cloud-based platform, with a 99.99% uptime. We have worked hard to achieve some of the most challenging security certifications in the industry. As a global provider, we comply with privacy and security standards for various demographics, including GDPR, ISO, and SOC2 compliance.

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