Automated Communications

Automate Training Communications

Administrate automates personalized emails and SMS messages to learners, instructors, staff, and stakeholders saving 120 hours per month.

Automated Training Messages

Email and SMS messages for Training Teams

Create and send personalized emails and SMS messages for learners, instructors and stakeholders.

Administrate provides powerful tools to build customized email templates, set advanced triggers to send SMS and email, and report on email performance. Automating messages saves time, but also improves the learner’s experience and raises the quality of your training program.

Screenshot of SMS text message sent from Administrate to a medical professional indicating a change in training.
Screenshot of event trigger dashboard in Administrate overload with image of training manager creating the email triggers in Administrate.

Trigger Training Messages

Configure Message Automations

Messages can be triggered by learner behavior, venue changes, or custom criteria.

You can configure email and SMS messages to be sent when they are needed. Messages can be automatically sent when a learner registers onto a course, changes courses, passes, fails, gains a badge or achievement, and much more.

Case Study

ForgeRock/Ping Identity Streamlines Communications

By automating communications with Administrate, ForgeRock/Ping Identity has saved hundreds of hours and improved learner satisfaction. See how they did it.

Training professionals consulting a report at a computer monitor, smiling.

Immediate communication

Send Urgent Communications

Send time-sensitive, urgent emails without utilizing automations, but still benefit from advanced email tracking.

Sometimes you need to send a quick message to learners or instructors. Ad hoc emails and SMS can be quickly created with templates so you maintain brand style and guidelines. This is the perfect way to notify learners about a venue change, remind them to bring materials, or communicate a delay.

Screenshot showing successful send of Administrate email overlaid with image of learner receiving the message on their smart phone.
Show an image of a hyper-personalized email sent from Administrate with a side by side of its template in the Administrate UI.

Personalized Email & SMS

Personalized Communications Boost Fill Rate 20%

Create personalized emails that drive engagement with learners and instructors.

It’s easy to build an email template in Administrate that uses simple personalization tokens such as first name, last name, and job title. But our email templates can go much further. You could show a learner how far along they are on a course, include detailed financial information, and more.

Automated Team Communications

Automated Messaging is Not Limited to Learners

Build, personalize, send and track reports, status updates, and more.

Build reports, status updates, and task lists into scheduled, automated emails. Keep stakeholders, staff, and other teams in the loop—without additional work.

Image of an automated report email sent from Administrate being viewed by a medical professional at their desk.
Automated messaging in Administrate has slashed email management time by 90%. The time we used to spend fighting mail merge is now used for strategic projects.
Headshot of Leonie Schwede.

Leonie Schwede

Director of Customer Training, ForgeRock & Ping Identity

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Automated communications save about 120 hours per month. What will you do with that time back?