Administrate DX

Administrate API: Build and Deploy Powerful Training Solutions

Administrate is a headless training management system, paired with a class-leading developer experience.

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Learning Infrastructure That Welcomes Developers

  • Access

    Access our API via a modern developer portal that includes documentation and a live code editor and runtime.

  • Build

    Build applications, workflows, and tools using the same API our engineering teams use to build Administrate.

  • Integrate

    Integrate Administrate with the rest of your tech stack.

  • Iterate

    Iterate your creations over time and take advantage of consistent updates to the Administrate API.

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How Maersk Built a Global Software Infrastructure

Maersk needed an adaptable, highly-capable training platform to transform global operations. Here’s how Administrate helped them scale.

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“I see Administrate as having a clear platform strategy around their product. So that’s clearly a good fit, a strategic fit for us.”
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Kenneth Thomsen

Chief Digital Officer, Maersk Training

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Discover how easily your tech stack can be integrated into, and managed from one system in our platform demo.

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