Developer Experience

What Will You Build with Administrate?

The Administrate Developer Experience is built for developers. Explore our powerful GraphQL API, developer portal, and other tools that allow you to build integrations, workflows, and applications that harness the full power of a training operations platform.


Our API uses GraphQL, a next-generation, self-documenting data query language.

GraphQL makes cross-platform and mobile development simpler, allowing developers to create seamless user experiences for their customers. GraphQL offers more control, allowing you to request exactly the data you need.

developer using a code editor
Screenshot of the developer portal.

Complete Access to Our API

We do not restrict access to our public API. Every new feature we release is built directly on top of our API.

New features are instantly available to developers, and supported by code-generated, up-to-date documentation. Spin up your own instance, test, experiment, and deploy. Access is available through our developer portal. We are excited to see what you’ll build.

Unlock more from Administrate with these integrations.

Create Custom Queries

We allow custom queries to return any level of data you need.

You can see, for example, not just that a learner was added to an event, but can lift specific data about that learner or event. For example, you could know which learners with specific credentials attended a specific training event. With the exact information you need, it’s easier to build unique applications.

learner using zoom to view course
Ability to pull data in GraphQL from events (schedule, etc)

Event-Based Triggers

Simplify complicated decisions with custom triggers.

Administrate also offers webhooks for event-based triggers, custom UX triggers to simplify complex business decisions within your applications, and access to our enterprise service bus to control data flow between critical business systems.

Connect with Administrate devs

The latest changes and updates to Administrate are published in our Engineering Blog.

Developer viewing the Administrate engineering blog

Create Unique Training Management Software Applications

We provide UX components for rapid iteration of your unique applications.

All of the components we use to build Administrate are available to developers to create seamless apps that look like our platform. We think this is vital for increasing utilization. Our web IDE highlights syntax issues and features auto-completion. As you build your queries, run them using a live run-time to see the results.

Coding custom instance of the course catalog

Explore Pricing Options

Put our platform to work, at a price that works for you.