Manage Training Delivery

Easily Manage and Deliver
Training in Any Modality

Administrate makes it easy to manage training delivery in any
modality. vILT, in-person classroom training, or blended learning
functionality is a built-in feature of every course template. See how it works.

Create a Course Once, Deliver it Anywhere

With Administrate, you can create a course once and manage how it is delivered: classroom, blended, vILT are managed within a single interface.

Training delivery starts with a course template. When you create a course template in Administrate, you set specific parameters for each modality – or learning mode – you need. Administrate can be configured to schedule learning for classroom, self-paced, blended, or vILT learning.

professional woman creating bulk scheduling sessions
A Blended Course showing the required resources for each session

Blended Learning

Within each learning mode, the course template can attach different required resources.

Need to reserve a special classroom for in-person training, or sync with Microsoft Teams or Zoom for the online or blended offering for the same course? It only takes a few clicks.

Zoom & Teams Integration

Connect learners and instructors, anywhere.

With either platform, easily generate a link for the session, and learner and instructors calendars update automatically. These links can be added into communications such as email.

Learner using zoom to view lesson
training team developing a report

Better Reporting

A single interface for all modalities means better analytics.

Because Administrate manages all training modalities in a single interface, data is aggregrated. This makes it possible to create powerful reports that show how different learning modes impact business goals, or give you insight about training success.

How Are You Delivering Training?

Administrate is built to simplify enterprise training.

Let’s talk about your training workflows, processes, challenges, and goals. If we’re a fit, we can
show you a personalized demo of our platform.