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Most enterprise training teams are using dozens of tools to manage and deliver training to drive their business.

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What is a Training Operations Platform?

Administrate is a platform that connects your existing training management software to critical business systems.

More than an LMS, the platform reduces manual effort to manage training operations across multiple systems, while giving you everything you need to adopt a resilient, data-driven training program.

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  • Efficiency


  • Alignment


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Future-Proof Your Training Operations

Training leads change in an organization, but until now learning tech has been a mishmash of disconnected systems.

When asked to pivot, training teams are stranded by technology that isn’t up to the task. A platform approach can be easily scaled, configured, and adapted to meet any challenge.

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More Training, Fewer Tasks

Leading training teams rely on Administrate to automate critical, but repetitive tasks.

These features make it easy to set-and-forget a range of manual tasks, so you’re free to focus on other challenges.

See how Administrate works

Administrate connects learning tech, business systems, and training data into a single platform.

When tech and data work together, it is possible to scale enterprise training while showing training ROI.

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Align Training and Business Systems

Administrate is not a replacement for existing learning tech or legacy training systems.

Instead, the platform connects learning tech to business systems, such as HRIS, ERP, compliance, and finance, making it easy to share data between systems and automate tasks.

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Strategic Planning and Execution

Administrate is the learning tech infrastructure enterprise training teams leverage to identify and maximize strategic business opportunities.

Our learning tech infrastructure empowers your team to capture this momentum.


We’re a Partner, Focused on Your Success

When you decide to implement Administrate, your training team is supported from day one.

From implementation to routine check-ins, our team is dedicated to optimizing your entire training function. Explore how we prioritize your success.

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One of the biggest issues we needed to resolve was: empty seats. We couldn't manage cancellations well. Now, with Administrate, we’re able to not only stay ahead of cancellations with automated reminders, but also fill seats quickly when cancellations do happen, using the waitlist feature they built for us.

Matthew Pickett

Manager of Maritime Safety, Royal Caribbean Group

Expand Your L&D Capabilities

Contact an Administrate expert and we’ll show you exactly how our training operations platform will make L&D easier.