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We’re creating the Ultimate Human Organization.

We do that through making top-shelf software for enterprise training teams across the globe. How we work is as essential to us as what we produce.

We are all about the professional development of people. We support this mission through the software we build and through our ways of working together to create that platform. We’ve gathered a diverse team of passionate, skilled professionals into an organization that is tackling the tech sector differently.

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  • Our product is an industry-leading learning tech platform that empowers global corporate training teams and training companies to organize, plan, deliver, and measure their learning and development operations.
  • Our presence as a company is unique in the software industry in that we are a people-first organization. We call this focus, “The Ultimate Human Organization.”

We’re Not a Typical Software Company.

Work-life balance is real at Administrate, and it is something we aim to protect for one another.

Tech companies are known for demanding, high-pressure jobs.While the tasks and problems we take on are huge and exciting, and we’re all about delivering for our customers, we’re not willing to sacrifice our team for success.

We’re looking for professionals who are confident in their skills but never comfortable enough to stop learning. We need passionate, focused, and skilled team members in every aspect of our business.

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As a company, we stand behind our vision to become the Ultimate Human Organization with policies and benefits designed to support that goal.

We want you to work hard, while maintaining balance and wellness in all aspects of your life. Benefit specifics are designed to offer maximum value for where you live and work.

Four-Day Work Schedule

Every company talks about work-life balance, but our team lives it. You’ll be paid for five days and we’ll give you a day back to do the things that are important to you.

Support for Health & Wellness

A flexible working policy, healthcare benefits, childcare savings, and company-paid life insurance are available. We also staff a licensed therapist and professional coaches for more support.

Generous Time Off

In addition to your four-day work week, you’ll earn over six weeks of paid time off each year. You begin accruing this time on day one.

Tools to Do Your Job Well

We’ll provide high quality tech to make your work life easier, including a new laptop, large monitor, and other tools you might need to do your job well.

Professional Growth

Supporting your career development is a priority for us. We maintain a continuous feedback process with weekly and quarterly feedback for all team members.

Investment for Your Future

All Administrate colleagues are able to take advantage of generous investment and retirement planning tools to help you keep an eye on your future.

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Get to Know Administrate

Our company originated and is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Our team is global, however, including key roles located across four continents. As a company, we’ve been in business for more than six years, and we’ve learned a lot in that time. What began as small business training software is now a full-scale enterprise platform used by some of the largest corporations across the world. Our product, team, and goals have expanded, and we’re still at the beginning of our journey.

We’re Distributed and Diverse by Design

Working remotely wasn’t new to us with the pandemic; we’ve been a geo-distributed team for a long time. We have the tools, culture, and processes in place to make this possible, and we’ve sought this diversity on purpose.

Beyond geography, we’re also intentional about addressing diversity and inclusion – something that is often lacking in technology companies. Volunteer teams that focus on workplace culture, employee satisfaction, and diversity and inclusion hold us accountable as an organization and help us to practice and celebrate this value.

About Our Team

We’re people parents and pet parents. We’re single and partnered. We’re community volunteers, hobbyists, and enthusiastic sports fans. We’re unified in intention, but far from the same when it comes to race, religion, gender identity, orientation, tradition, or politics. Our table is large and there is a seat for everyone.

We’re passionate about serving others, including the specific needs of the communities in which we live and work. We’re conscious of our environmental impact and carbon footprint. As a company, we aim to leave the world better than we found it.

Expertise within our organization includes: developers, system engineers, product managers, project managers, marketing and sales team members, account managers, and support team members.

Our Values

  • Transparent

    We embrace honesty and require fact-based decision-making in our words and actions.

  • Reliable

    We own our responsibilities, deliver on commitments and communicate openly about challenges.

  • Curious

    We advocate for our customers’ interests, always looking for new ways to build better experiences.

  • Team

    We’re effective collaborators focused on our shared goals, we default to thinking the best of our colleagues and check our egos.

  • Growth

    We embrace change, continuous improvement and iteration based on data and feedback, taking smart risks to drive sustainable progress.

Ready to Apply? Here’s What to Expect

As a widely distributed team working in a high trust culture, we’re very selective in who we hire.

During the interview process, you can anticipate multiple interviews, as well as skills assessments and/or small projects as part of the process. We promise to respect your investment of time and communicate openly along the way.

We believe this is a two-way process: we want to make sure you will add value to our existing teams, but it’s equally important that you feel we’re the right place for you. So, come prepared with questions!

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