Who We Are

We’ve collected a talented, diverse, growing team of fantastic people at Administrate, and it didn’t happen by accident. As a company, we are dedicated to living our cultural values while we continually challenge ourselves to innovate and lead the edtech software market.


We Started in Scotland, But Now Cover the Globe

Administrate was born and remains headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. Over the past six years, we’ve grown substantially as a company and have spread our presence across the world. Our expanding offices in Bozeman, Montana and Beirut, Lebanon are strategic and beautiful locations that enable us to tap into the best talent these regions have to offer while serving our global customers well.


We’re a Diverse Team

With employee offices in Bozeman, Montana, Edinburgh, Scotland, Beirut, Lebanon, and remote employees across the globe, our company is beautifully diverse in culture, language, tradition, and more. We value this strength and work hard to preserve it.


This Is How We Do It

In addition to meeting the standards set by the Scottish Business Pledge, we’re aiming to build the Ultimate Human Organization. You’ll definitely want to learn more about that, but here’s a quick overview of some of our key policies and practices:

Enjoy a four-day work week, every week
That’s right. We work 32 hours per week and get paid for 40. Although this continues to be a radical idea among organizations, we’ve been practicing this for a few years now. We’ve found that our teams are more focused, more productive, more present at work, and more able to lead healthy, balanced lives — which makes them better at their jobs. It requires everyone’s commitment, but it works.
Take care of life outside of work
A flexible working policy, healthcare benefits, childcare savings, a Perkbox account, and company-paid life insurance at 4x your salary are all ways that Administrate helps you take care of yourself and be there for those who are important in your life.
Prioritize good mental health
We’re so committed to the holistic well-being of our team members that we employ a licensed therapist and a professional coach as members of our staff. Team members are encouraged to utilize these free in-house resources, upon request and with complete confidentiality.
Take responsibility and enjoy your work
We work in small teams, so every person’s contribution matters. You’ll enjoy lots of freedom, challenges, and accountability along the way. It won’t be easy, but our team members often say that Administrate is the hardest, best place they’ve ever worked. Read Siobhain’s story, for a real life example.
Receive a generous holiday package
We encourage our team members to observe and celebrate the days that are important to them. Each employee accrues 1.8 days of PTO per month, or an annual total of 22 days. In addition, we close as a company for six days at the end of each year. So, that’s a total of 28 days off, on top of your four-day work week. Plenty of time for you to climb a mountain, surf a wave, or spend time with the people who make you better.
Grow as a professional
We want you to have a long and happy career with us. But even if you don’t, we hope you’ll be better for having worked here. That’s why we invest in professional education, certifications, and other job relevant growth opportunities for our team members. Each employee charts their course with their manager on an annual basis.
Prepare for life after work with retirement investment
Options vary depending on where team members live, but everyone enjoys access to generous packages and planning tools to help you retire. Eventually. If you want.
Be you, with us
We buy lunch every Wednesday to ensure you get to hang out with coworkers at least once a week. You’ll also find free snacks and drinks in the office to keep you going day-to-day. Team outings, service events, and hangouts tend to happen, too. We actually like each other.
We’re happy to share more and answer your questions about Administrate’s policies and benefits during our interview process. Feel free to ask us anything.
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