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Dashboard Update

Hisham Arnaout

Product Manager

Nobody likes to hunt for problems – particularly folks working to deliver a lot of scheduled training at scale! We’re really excited to release the first improvement in a series of updates to our dashboard that will surface common training and scheduling problems to customers from the moment they log in.

Classroom training (both instructor led and virtual instructor led) is a much more difficult beast to manage than traditional elearning because it involves the coordination of resources (things like equipment and specialized facilities), people (instructors and students), and places (meeting rooms or classrooms). Critically – all of this has to line up according to a schedule.

GIF showing dashboard walkthrough in Administrate
The new dashboard shows you issues that need your attention right away.


For years, Administrate has helped customers navigate this complex juggling act by encapsulating these requirements into what we call course templates – recipes for how classroom training gets conducted. These recipes change based on the type of training that is run, and most customers have several hundred different templates they regularly use. It’s always fun to see the variety of training that gets delivered from our platform too! Everything from safety training involving helicopter crashes to mission critical training on advanced medical equipment is delivered by our customers on a global scale.

But what happens when we’re missing an ingredient from our recipe? Life happens, and one of the key functions of any training operation is to ensure that instruction continues even when things don’t go according to the initial plan. Instructors get sick, equipment can fail, classrooms can become double-booked or might not be available anymore…

“…we were actually toying with building a dashboard to try to visualize some delivery issues and this is everything that we were trying to see.”

That’s where our recent update to our dashboard comes into play: Administrate now surfaces these problems in real-time to make sure there aren’t any surprises! Training coordinators can see problems that have appeared, quickly drill down to understand the specifics, and create tasks to make sure these problems are addressed if a situation can’t be rectified immediately.

It’s all just another example of how Administrate supports the decision making and day-to-day operations of training teams. Stay tuned for more updates in this area!

Hisham Arnaout is Product Manager at Administrate.


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