Certificates and Achievements

Track Student Achievements and Create Certificates

Administrate tracks student achievements and can translate those into certificates. This system allows Administrate to integrate seamlessly with digital credentialing systems, badging applications, and more.

Track Achievements

Track and Report on Achievements

When learners complete training milestones, Administrate tracks achievements—then connects the correct badges, award, and credentials.

When learners complete a course, learning path, or other learning goal, an achievement can be earned. Achievements are stored on a learner’s profile and can be used to trigger other automated actions, such as creating a certificate or awarding a credential. This seems simple, but it allows Administrate to deeply connect to and manage credentialing and badging tools.

Training Manager looks at a list of student award progress in Administrate

Validate Achievements

Automatically Track Achievement Validity

Set achievements to expire at a required time, then use expiration to trigger other tasks.

Achievements don’t last forever. Set achievements to expire at a preset time and forget manually revoking achievements. It is also easy to create reports that reveal students with expiring achievements, even automate an email to remind them to take a new course and re-up.

Certificates and Badges

Generate Certificates, Badges, and More

When an achievement is unlocked, automatically create a certificate to reward the learner.

Certificates are awards given to learners when they earn an achievement. These can be digital badges learners share on social media, printed awards, or even something functional like an upgraded security badge. Certificates are created using templates in Administrate and automatically granted to learners immediately upon gaining an achievement.

Medical professionals training on high value training dummy, with a digital badge earned in Administrate overlaid

Case Study

Ping Identity boosts credentialing 70%

Ping Identity uses Administrate to automate digital badges, increasing learner satisfaction and increasing curriculum impact.

IT professional receives an email congratulating them on a badge they earned in Administrate
A person using an access card to open a secure door, access granted by earned achievements in Administrate.

Advanced Automations

Use Achievements to Trigger Automations

Use achievements to trigger automations, control security access, drive revenue and more.

The data generated from achievements can be used in many surprising ways. Here are some of the ways our customers are using achievements to do more than award badges.

  • Find New Sources of Revenue

    Generate a list of learners with certificates that are about to expire, convert them to recurring revenue as they re-up their achievements.

  • Open Advanced Courses

    Upon completion of a basic course, automatically open learners to new learning paths and courses.

  • Security Access

    Connect to security systems to control physical access to secure areas and resources based on training.

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“Administrate allows us to use a seamless and invisible badging system. Learners register for a course, access the content, complete the course, and receive a digital badge. All automatically, with zero work from my team.”
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Leonie Schwede

Director of Customer Training, Ping Identity

Additional Features

What Else Can Administrate Do?

  • Automated Reporting

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    Resource Management


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    Automated Communications


  • Learner Management

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