Digital Transformation

Headless Software Transforms Training

Headless architecture is proving to be the foundation of rapid digital transformation.

Leading training teams are using headless software like Administrate to build unique learner experiences connected to powerful back end engines. This guide reveals why headless architecture is the foundation of digital transformation for training.


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Accelerate Your Strategy

Top training teams turn to headless architecture to accelerate digital transformation.

For too long, training has relied on disconnected systems that do not work well together. In this guide, you’ll learn why headless architecture reduces efforts to build, integrate, and execute strategically.

What is Headless Architecture?

Headless systems are new to the training function.

Headless architecture intelligently separates front end and back end experiences. This concept is not novel, but is new for training. This guide details the advantages, challenges, and value of headless architecture.

Explore Use Cases

See real examples of headless architecture in action.

Because this technology can be implemented in a wide array of use cases, the advantages of headless systems can be difficult to imagine. We have included real use cases from Administrate clients to show you what’s possible with headless technologies.

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