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Administrate’s training management platform is designed to be your EdTech Infrastructure. Integrate the critical systems that comprise your EdTech environment with our platform, and access training program visibility: a global view of your training program, from a single system of record. Explore what a typical training program is able to accomplish in a day, using Administrate, below.

A Typical Day for a Training Program Using Administrate…

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Single Sign-on System Access

Michelle, the Training Manager, gets to the office and logs into Administrate, using her company credentials and the Single sign-on feature. She checks her dashboard for any messages regarding this week’s courses. In just a few minutes, she is able to see that everything is on track for today’s courses and that reminders for tomorrow’s courses have already been sent by Administrate. She also checks in on her instructors for next week’s courses and notices one of her instructors has yet to download the necessary training resources from Administrate’s document management system. She sends the instructor a quick email reminder to check that off their task list for next week’s courses.

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Save Time with Course Templates

Derik, the Director of Talent Development, checks his Administrate inbox and notices an email from Connie, the compliance officer, about some regulatory changes that have been set to take effect next quarter, six months earlier than expected. Not a problem…he sets himself a task reminder to send Michelle an email about the new course templates that will need to be created in order to manage this initiative.

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Chart a Course for Learners

Carla, the Chief Learning Officer, is working on a presentation to the executive team on how their investment last year into onboarding learning paths for each department has paid off with some of their best talent retained, and reduced employee turnover across the board. The highest performing employees are sticking around the most, and happen to be more engaged with the training overall.

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Manage Accountability with Task Workflows

Michelle clicks over to her Administrate inbox to find an email from Derik about regulatory changes that need to be implemented sooner than expected. They will be running six weeks of courses and putting their highly regulated employees through these courses on learning paths. She will need to create a course template for each course, so that multiple instances of the courses can be set up for each of the highly regulated departments, with the click of a button. She sets a reminder to put the templates together, and create the necessary task workflows within each template.

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Scheduling & Resource Management

Over a late lunch, Derik accesses Administrate from his mobile phone just to do a bit of light digging into the availability of the required resources for this new compliance initiative. Since it’s six months ahead of schedule, he needs to make sure there will be resources available. He checks the calendar and notices a scheduling conflict with one of their training rooms. He also filters his list of instructors, based on the expertise necessary to train this content, and sees that one of those instructors has holiday time during part of the course. He sets himself a task reminder to check-in with some other vendors who might be able to provide instructors to teach the course and also to find another training room.

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Configurable Business Intelligence Reporting

At her desk, Suzi, the Customer Success Manager, is leveraging Administrate’s business intelligence reporting engine to see how their training initiative to increase software renewals and reduce churn is working. She notices a trend: the more customers are engaged with their training, and thus adopting the software more successfully, the more likely they are to renew. There are a few customers at risk of not renewing, based on that trend. She puts together a report to share with Carla so the organization can devise a plan to get those organizations more engaged with their training.

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Analyze Your Program with Meaningful Data

Harry, the VP of HR, and Carla meet in the conference room to discuss their learner metrics and see if they can draw any correlations between their quarterly data from the last two years and broader insights from the learning and development industry. They notice a trend. Learners are more and more interested in achieving recognition for their professional growth, particularly recognition that can be shared. They decide to innovate a digital badging program, and implement it into their learning paths, so their employees and customers alike can be recognized with badges for their professional growth. Carla also makes a note to have Derik reach out to Administrate to see if the distribution of badges can be automated.

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Scale Training Operations

After reading an email from Carla about the desire to start including digital badges in their learning paths–and see if the distribution of the badges can be automated–Derik adds a task to reach out to his Administrate account manager tomorrow. He believes Administrate’s professional services team can create a solution, via integration, that would automatically distribute the badges to their learners, but wants to talk with his support there before telling Carla it’s possible.

5:06 pm

Automate Learner Engagement

To close the day, Michelle is doing a quality check on the first few course templates she’s created for the new compliance initiative. She has all of the learner communication triggers–joining instructions, course reminders, survey check-ins, etc.–set to be automatically sent, task workflows–based on job role–for each course template put together, and the resources–course documents, instructor schedules, and vendor involvement–she anticipates they’ll need, added to the first few course templates. Time to call it a day…