Document Management

Store, Manage, and Secure
All Training Documents

Keep all of your training documents secure in the cloud,
backed up by powerful features that let you find what you need,
fast, and make audits a breeze.

Secured, Connected Training Documents

Enterprise training teams manage a robust library of documents and materials.

Administrate’s built-in document management system stores everything in our secure, cloud-based platform. Everything is backed up with versioning control, and documents can be connected to specific course templates, learner paths, and more.

Uploading documents to DMS
Training Team checking on revisions of a single doc

Documents as Data

Solve document management problems with a data-driven approach.

Because documents, like everything in Administrate, are connected to the platform’s training data, you can create reports or specific queries around documents. For example, you could easily verify which version of a document a specific learner was given during training.

Secure, Stable Document Management

Your sensitive documents are safe in our cloud-based platform.

Documents stored in Administrate are secured on our servers. Data is backed up continuously, and changes are recorded in real time. Restoring document backups is easy.

Training team member reverting course document changes.

Deliver Training Anywhere

Administrate can help you deliver training in any modality.