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How Siemens Healthineers Automated 30% Of Training Operations

Caleb Shull 2 minute read

Siemens Healthineers faced serious challenges in managing an L&D operation with global scope. With training centers around the world delivering high-impact customer training on life-saving medical devices, Siemens Healthineers knew that they needed a software infrastructure and data model that was ready to scale and grow alongside worldwide enterprise business operations.

By partnering with Administrate, Siemens Healthineers was able to build medtech L&D infrastructure that could support their ambitions. Take a look at our case study on Administrate’s partnership with Siemens Healthineers to learn how they did it – and how much value it returned to their business.

Addressing Global Challenges

Siemens Healthineers needed enough standardization to help streamline training management across multiple modalities, as well as ensuring full visibility and deep, insightful reporting into training data from all over the world. But at the same time, they needed a system that remained flexible and configurable at the local level so that country-level training teams wouldn’t lose critical autonomy needed to address local issues.

Most platforms just can’t provide both. Either they create a top-down system that would ensure data access at the cost of autonomy, or they might provide teams the autonomy they need but at the expense of limited and shallow capacity to report on operations and translate training initiatives into demonstrable ROI. But Administrate was able to provide Siemens Healthineers with a comprehensive training management system that could do both.

The Administrate Platform

Siemens Healthineers used automation, composable integrations and no-code data reporting to eliminate overhead and break records., It has been amazing to watch their program transform so quickly.Cole Sullivan, Customer Success Manager, Administrate

By providing a framework to integrate Siemens Healthineers’ existing L&D software tools and plugging them into a standardized, easily-accessible data model, Administrate was able to simplify management loads and produce real, measurable results for the company. To see those results, and to learn more about how Administrate supported Siemens Healthineers’ success story, take a look at our case study below.

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