ultimate human organization culture

You don’t have to look too hard to find aspirational culture statements in organizations. You may have to look a bit harder to find an organization that actually lives them, however.

That’s what we’re trying to do in creating the Ultimate Human Organization. Software is our product, but the professional community of our team is where we live and breathe. We believe that in order to create a platform that serves humans well, we need to live and work as humans ourselves. Here’s how we are working to create and keep our organization human-centered.

Work-life balance through a four-day work week

Finding balance in life is hard for everyone, and traditionally, the tech sector has been one of the worst offenders in terms of enabling this. But not here. At Administrate, we instituted a four-day work week (while maintaining pay for five) a number of years ago, and it is working quite well. Our growth is consistent. Our achievements are steady. Our team is happy and our customers are even happier.

Leave for life events

Family is family is family is family. That’s how we feel at Administrate. Our leave policy generously provides support for our team members to be present to their loved ones in times of need. The ability to be caring at home directly correlates to the ability to care about our customers at work.

Mental health is basic to human health

Many organizations provide for the physical health of employees, but investment in the mental wellbeing of employees has lagged behind in understanding, support, and investment. Administrate maintains a full-time therapist and a professional coach on staff, available to all employees at no cost, in an effort to remove the stigma of mental health needs and encourage holistic human wellness.

Stock options and benefits

Deciding on where to work is a decision of where to invest your time, energy, and talents. Administrate recognizes this very personal investment of our team members by sharing in the success that we create together. Whether through a generous match to elective retirement investments or stock options generated annually, Administrate team members get to see and experience the value they are creating as the company grows and succeeds.

Diversity is cherished

We dream of building the Ultimate Human Organization. One of the key parts of #UHO is building an incredibly diverse, high performing team.  It’s not only the right thing to do (and a lot more fun), it’s good for business –  there is significant evidence that diversity is correlated with better performance.This means we look for great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we’re committed to making our people feel safe and welcome at work. At Administrate, what keeps us aligned are our shared values, not our backgrounds, and as we’re always looking to improve, we continue to evaluate how we can build a better performing, more diverse team.

LITE Conference

Our LITE conference, held each summer in Edinburgh, Scotland, is the home base of our ongoing discussion about the Ultimate Human Organization.

We talk about our people, our processes, and our product, all in the context of creating a space and a platform more conducive to every person reaching their full potential. You’re welcome to join us in Scotland, too!

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