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From the reporting, to the automation, to the approval process, to the event creation - there are so many little things the system does and that I can use, it’s fantastic.

Maria Carcache-Jatib

Manager, Maritime Admin and System Support

Royal Caribbean Group

Frequently Asked Questions

A training operations platform is software that connects to your existing learning technology and other business systems with a host of advantages. As a platform, Administrate can be configured to adapt to changes in your business, connect to new technology, and support changing strategies. Platforms unify all of your training operations into a single interface while collecting and analyzing training data.

A platform approach frees your team to focus on strategic goals, not repetitive, time-wasting tasks. However, this short term benefit is only the beginning of what a platform can do for an enterprise training team. Administrate creates and maintains a robust data model of your training operations, and allows you to make data-driven decisions, forecast changes in training, and offer a powerful competitive advantage.

Administrate is priced to scale with your training team. When you buy Administrate, you’re able to pay for what you need, when you need it, while retaining access to everything our powerful training operations platform offers. When your needs change, or there are new opportunities to corner, Administrate changes with you.

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