Learning Paths

Explore Collaborative Learning Paths

Learning paths place learners into a structured, automated training flow. When a learner completes one course, they move on to the next.

An illustration showing screenshots from Administrate’s learning path tool.

Configure the Path You Need

Create a learning path and set up the details.

This allows a deep level of control over how the learning path will be structured, how learning objectives are enforced, achievements and certificates associated with the learning path, and how the learning path relates to strategic training objectives.

Control Learning Path Objectives

Next, you select the objectives that will make up the learning path.

Objectives can be courses to complete, external training or even other learning paths. Learners can be automatically enrolled into a course when they are required to attend, helping you keep schedules aligned.

Adding an objective to a New Employee Welcome path.
Training professional viewing the nested objectives in a new learning path.

Nest and Share Learning Paths

Learning paths may include other learning paths as an objective.

Nesting learning paths within each other is a great way to organize complex training objectives. Learning paths can be shared as well, granting stakeholders visibility, or even complete management, into a learner’s progress.

Connect Learning Paths to Training Data

Learning paths connect to other features within Administrate.

It is possible to pull detailed reports on learning paths, schedule training for learners that are waiting in a learning path, and have learning path enrollment triggers based on changes in other business systems, such as an HRIS or ERP.

Reporting options with "no-code"

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