Resource Management

Resource Management for Instructor-Led Training

Administrate prevents you from overbooking equipment, locations, and instructors. Manage resources to deliver training for classroom, vILT, and blended sessions.

Resource Conflict Alerts

No More Overbooking or Underbooking

Administrate prevents overbooking or underbooking resources when creating new training sessions.

Administrate knows exactly what is needed to run a training event. Try to create an event with too few laptops, double book an instructor, or reserve the classroom with a broken sound system and Administrate issues a warning and show you better options.

A graphic shows the resource management tools in Administrate overlaid atop medical training equipment.
Screenshot of Administrate’s software showing how to build a resource use report.

Resource Use Data

Analyze and Report Resource Utilization

Generate detailed reports showing exactly how resources are being used.

Administrate tracks how resources are used. Quickly generate a report showing how often an expensive piece of equipment is being used or how instructors time is being used.

“Administrate automatically shows us resource conflicts. We used to spend hours finding these ourselves. Now, as soon as I try to add an overbooked instructor, I get an instant warning.”

Maria Carcache-Jatib

Manager of Maritime Admin & System Support , Royal Caribbean Group

Additional Features

What Else Can Administrate Do?

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    Course Management


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    Automated Communications


  • Learner Management

  • Automated Reporting

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