Connect Training and Business

Create vital alignment between training data intelligence and your business with a learning technology infrastructure approach.

Training leaders presenting to another business function

Simplify Training Logistics

Administrate connects workforce data, learning goals, and training requirements to simplify complex training logistics.

Schedule complete training across your enterprise, using powerful analytics to maximize training attendance, with a few clicks. Administrate makes it easy to schedule complex training.

Reporting options with "no-code"

Show Training ROI

Show the impact of training across the organization with the Administrate no-code reporting engine.

Because Administrate connects to other business systems, and syncs training data across the org, it’s possible to show how training impacts business goals.

See how Administrate works

Administrate connects learning tech, business systems, and training data into a single platform.

When tech and data work together, it is possible to scale enterprise training while showing training ROI.

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Reporting results on user achievements

Deep Integrations Transform L&D

Administrate leverages a powerful data model to create a 360 degree view of your training function.

Deep, configurable integrations that connect training to other business systems – even legacy and proprietary software – allows our data model to incorporate information from anywhere.

CRM Built for Training

Administrate has a built-in CRM for learners, instructors, and anything related to your training function.

The platform leverages this CRM to personalize communications with learners, sync task workflows with your team, and give you a powerful view into training operations.

A graphic detailing how a learner record contained inside of Administrate CRM can enter different workflows based on role, region, and other metadata.

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