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Dashboard Update: Target Classroom Fill Rate Monitoring and Team Announcements

JJ Cranston 3 minute read
A screenshot of an event header in Administrate showing a fill rate that meets the target rate.

We are improving our dashboard with continuous updates. Recently, we added alerts to the dashboard that surface important issues so you don’t have to go looking for problems to fix. Who has time for that?

Today, we are proud to share Fill Rate Monitoring and Team Announcements.

Target Fill Rate Monitoring

Fill rate is one of the most important metrics when running a classroom training operation.  Fill rate influences profitability if you’re selling your courses, but it’s also an important efficiency metric – consistently low fill rates can be a sign of numerous structural problems within a training operation.

Our latest dashboard update provides a key tool to training coordinators and administrators who need to monitor this crucial stat – you can now set a target fill rate for your classes, and Administrate will monitor and alert you to any classes that are below this target, right on the dashboard.

Screenshot of Administrate's dashboard showing a course with a fill rate below the set target.
The dashboard alerts when a course isn’t meeting its fill rate.

Simply set a global target fill rate (the default is 50%) within the control panel, but in keeping with our philosophy of “template everything but always allow an override” you can also set a specific target fill rate for each course template you have.  And finally, if you’re running a special session and either don’t care about the fill rate on that class, or you simply have reasons to not follow either the global or course template target fill rate, you can always override the target fill rate on any specific scheduled class.

When an alert about a class with low fill rate appears on the dashboard, you can drill down into the class and there are two crucial tools that can help you work this problem: quick access to students who have previously expressed interest in this class, and those who have reserved a place, but not yet been added to the roster for that class.  Both are good first ports of call to get that fill rate up!

A screenshot of an event header in Administrate showing a fill rate that is below the target rate.
Drill down into a class and quickly see options to help you add more learners.

Team Announcements

Busy training teams need to stay in sync, and our latest update to the dashboard provides a spot to post important links, announcements, and any other information you need people to see, right when they login.

Stay tuned for more updates to our dashboard!


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