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Use our document manager to organize workbooks, customer resources, and the materials your customers need to succeed with your product or service.


Provide better learning experiences with a branded and customizable LMS that functions across devices, and maintains a unified experience.


Manage complex course catalogues, and leverage reporting on these courses to provide data-centered feedback that leads to better courses.


Keep your customers engaged with your training with customer communications, course recommendations, learning paths, and more.


Measure customer engagement with robust learner analytics, and identify opportunities to improve or capitalize on positive customer experience.


Improve loyalty with customer training that drives business through customer success, retention and continuous adoption of your product or services.

Customer Training Departments

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    Increased utilization of their product/services, and improved upon customer engagement.

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    Leveraged Administrate for their internal training and their customer training, driving customer success through employee engagement.

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    Maximized customer engagement with courses designed to help their customers achieve a deeper understanding of how to best leverage their products and services.

Administrate customer training

How do Customer Training Departments...


“Our company has been built with our customers at its heart and we have ambitious plans to create an account management system personalized to each of our customers. This will allow them to automatically access copies of their invoices, previous attendance records, certificates, and much more – all through the website in a secure and highly-available manner.”

Matthew Channell

Operations Director, TSW Training 



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    Customize their LMS to ensure their training is on brand and personalized?

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    Grow customer satisfaction with automated tools to enable professional growth?

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    Manage change to courses quickly and effectively so they’re always ahead of the curve?

Other Customer Training Departments
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Discover how you can increase customer success through internal training that leads to improved employee engagement, while also providing a unified customer training experience.