Case Study

Maritime Manufacturing

Learning Analytics to Drive Data-Driven Decision Making

How a Maritime Manufacturer Leverages Training Software

For more than 60 years, a maritime manufacturer has engineered the most reliable and innovative boats on the market. Today, they continue to push the boundaries with boats designed to be unsinkable and patented innovations that bring unparalleled luxury and practicality to boating.

  • Industry:


  • Objective:

    Leverage training to double capacity.

  • Result:

    Training is now a distinct competitive advantage.


Upskill Strategies for Manufacturing: Overcoming the Skills Gap

New jobs in manufacturing are opening at an exponential rate, and the skills gap is vast.

In-person knowledge transfer, new learning environments, and dynamic skill sets that prioritize both blue-collar training and tech-savviness will play a critical role in preparing future manufacturing workers to impact business growth. Managing training against this worker preparedness is a tall order. This maritime manufacturer experienced some of these dynamics early and came to Administrate seeking a solution to their onboarding challenges.

The Challenges

Talent Retention: With 6-12 new employees being onboarded weekly, retaining their best talent was imperative, and they didn’t have a way to track the causes and stressors of turnover.

Managing complex training schedules: Training their employees was a huge undertaking, and maintaining visibility on work patterns, shift schedules, classroom space, equipment, and vendors through spreadsheets was becoming a hindrance.

Lack of insightful reporting: Their learning tech wasn’t integrated with critical business systems, which impacted data integrity and made data-driven decision making difficult.

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This maritime manufacturer needed to scale up quickly, and prioritized training as the key to that growth.

Manual data entry, keeping vital content on paper, and tracking training with spreadsheets wasn’t working.

“The turnover report we’ve built within Administrate helps us track turnover, automatically, every 30 days all the way to every 365 days. This helps us identify stresses and causes of turnover. It also allowed us to pinpoint exactly when our highest turnover was taking place.”

Training Manager at a Maritime Manufacturer

The Solutions

Reduce spreadsheets by managing all of their training logistics with one scheduling tool, rather than Excel or Google Sheets.

Get automated reports to reveal where employees are in their training, and the employees that are the most engaged with their learning paths.

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The Results

Training is this maritime manufacturer’s competitive advantage

  • Significant reduction in employee turnover
  • Tracks employee engagement and identifies areas for improvement, so they can leverage training as a competitive
Since implementing Administrate, we’ve been able to bring a lot more visibility to the training program, which has given us the ability to make sure we know exactly where our greatest needs are, and how to tackle those situations.

Supervisor of Training at a Maritime Manufacturer

Support specialist in video conference with a training team.

We’re a Partner Not a Vendor

Unlike other training software providers, we’re not going to leave you to figure it out after you sign on.

Our expert teams dedicated to implementation, development, and professional services have a substantial background in the training industry. They are standing by to help your organization achieve meaningful alignment and real business results. That’s part of the Administrate experience. We’ve already helped hundreds of organizations serving millions of learners. We’re ready to help you.

How Will Your Training Team Benefit from Operational Efficiency?

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