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Learn How to Use Administrate

Administrate University provides your team with everything you need to master the Administrate platform.

Learning professional instructing others.

Dramatically Decrease Time-to-Value

Administrate University accelerates your team’s mastery of the Administrate platform.

Administrate University uses our own platform to deliver online training, track learner progression, and manage badging and certifications. It is easy to work at your own pace, diving as deep into platform features as you want, or assign learning paths to specific team members. In just a few hours, your team will be able to use Administrate to manage training operations.

Administrate University user adding a student to a blended learning course.

Use Real-World Scenarios

Learn to use Administrate with advanced simulations and functional use cases.

Administrate University uses simulations, not just point-and-click interfaces. Your team will learn exactly how to access, evaluate, and execute basic and advanced options within Administrate.

Self-Paced, Fully Reportable Learning Paths

Learn at your own pace, see how your team is doing.

You are not restricted to a specific learning path in Administrate University. Access any part of a module, finding the instruction you need right now. It is also easy to report on your team’s process, quickly identifying areas that need further instruction or practice.

Learning Path: Administrate University - Building Blocks - Basic Path
Learning professional receiving a notification on a new learning module.

Content Added Regularly

Administrate University content is updated on a consistent basis with new content.

The Administrate platform is always improving, and so is our self-guided instruction. New tips and tricks are added frequently, and you will be notified when new content is added that relates to new or upcoming features.

Administrate University: Tailored for Your Team

Choose a package that fits your needs.

  • Basic Package:

    This free package is included for all Administrate customers and grants your team immediate access to the basics of Administrate, getting you up and running with the platform.

  • Team Package:

    Access in-depth learning paths that unlock the most advanced features of Administrate. This package also includes vILT sessions with Administrate (based on the number of users in your contract) , and an upgraded support SLA.

  • Premium Package:

    Access all of the benefits of the Team Package, with a branded portal for your organization and access to weekly Q&A sessions with Administrate instructors.

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