Lead Liaison is a marketing automation and lead management tool, which provides solutions such as lead nurturing, lead distribution, and lead tracking to help its users keep track of those important leads, covert and engage more website visitors, and build stronger relationships with customers, prospects, and partners. Lead Liaison’s Lead Management Automation (LMA)™ platform connects with Administrate to send qualified, nurtured leads directly into Administrate’s CRM.

Integration Summary

Vendor: Lead Liaison

Requires: Administrate & Lead Liaison Account

Keep Track of Your Leads

Lead Liaison’s Lead Management Automation allows you to pull lead details into Administrate’s CRM, meaning your Sales team will instantly have access to any qualified leads which are created through your marketing activity. Each new record pulled across from Lead Liaison will be created as a new opportunity, so it’s really easy for your Sales team to keep track of any new leads, and start to work through your sales process with them.

Push Leads When You Need To


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