Increase Course Bookings

Keep Your Course Listings Updated

An out of date website will hurt visitor perception and impact your booking conversion rate. Use one of our three website integrations to automatically update your website whenever you make a change to your course templates! We have three different options available that are built to fit your technical level (ranging from no technical experience to accomplished programmer).

Accept Online Course Bookings

One of the fastest ways to grow your training business is to accept online course bookings. Time and again we’ve seen our customers double their business virtually overnight by expanding their online presence to include course booking. Often viewed as an expensive, time consuming, possibly even unrealistic option, our suite of website integrations will get you up and running with very little upfront investment.

Make Payment For Customers Easier

Websites that accept payment for bookings perform better and rate higher with customers than those that take payment as a separate step. It’s also safer for both you and your customer. Get the leg up on the competition by offering a modern, secure course booking experience that includes online payments.

Market Your Courses Better

Marketing is something that many small businesses struggle to dedicate time to, and many large businesses struggle to keep track of. Administrate’s marketing system is designed to help you design, implement, and track ROI on different marketing campaigns and activities. Full integration with industry leading email service providers comes standard and we’ve even put together a free eBook to help you market your training business better. Download “How to Deliver Better Training” here!

Configure Automated Email Reminders

After your students finish their courses its easy to setup automated email reminders that will check in with them at regular intervals in the future. Use automated emails to remind students their certifications are expiring or check in and see if they need additional training in complimentary areas! Preempt them from looking elsewhere for the training needs by keeping in touch with them, automatically.

Get Ranked Higher By Search Engines

Up to date websites with accurate details are favoured by major search engines for ranking purposes. By having all your course details available to be indexed, your website will be rewarded with higher rankings.

Offer More Courses With The Time You’ve Saved

Almost every customer that signs up for Administrate reports huge time savings, as much as 20% of their time (even across large numbers of employees)! Use this additional time to offer more courses and drive increased revenue and profitability.

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