Keep Track of Everything


Never Lose a Document Again

Our document management system helps you file and find your important documents. Searching for documents is easy, and you can setup permissions for documents that correspond to your user roles.

Visualise Your Operation with Reports and Metrics

Don’t lose tabs of something – instead build a report and keep an eye on your metrics. The analytics you’ll be able to produce using Administrate will provide an unparalleled view of how your training operation is performing.

Backup Your Entire Operation, Online

Using a cloud delivered solution like Administrate means your entire operation is run from some of the best data centres in the world, with a fully redundant “warm spare” infrastructure ready to take over at the sign of any trouble. Data is further backed up nightly and stored in secure data storage facilities that are separate from our production centres. Enjoy the peace of mind that your entire operation is backed up, safe, and secure.

Say Goodbye to Paper, Shared Documents, and Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets and shared documents have their uses, but running a training operation with these tools shouldn’t be one of them! Now you can have a consistent, secure, online and always-accessible view of your business or training department.

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