Think Beyond Your LMS

Enterprise learning and development has a strategic role to play when it comes to facing the market and workforce challenges in today’s business world. But, the complexity of training operations is an expensive venture – in both time and money.

How many systems are you currently using to manage your training department? What if we told you that you really only need one. That’s Administrate.

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Organize Training Resources

Efficiently organize your learning resources in one system
  • Increase efficiency in your training operations with centralized scheduling and document management.
  • Eliminate duplicate work and spreadsheets with our CRM. Align learning with industry regulations and business objectives using customizable learning paths.
  • Manage events across different classroom locations with event management.



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“From the reporting, to the automation, to the approval process, to the event creation – there are so many little things the system does and that I can use, it’s fantastic.”

Maria Carcache-Jatib

Manager, Maritime Admin and System Support,
Royal Caribbean Group

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Deliver Exceptional Training

Provide a quality, cohesive learner experience
  • Streamline your learning technology stack and manage online, iVLT, VLT, and blended learning courses, all in one cloud-based platform.
  • Keep learner satisfaction high with our award-winning LMS, and maintain control over your daily operations by leveraging the platform functionality that comes with it.
  • Integrate your existing LMS using our native integrations or open API that’s ready to connect with your current tech environment.
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Plan Your Training

Align training with business objectives
  • Conquer schedule complexity using calendar-based course, instructor, and event scheduling
  • Keep track of your budget and your top performers, so you can demonstrate ROI, with configurable integrations to HR and Finance tracking platforms.
  • Stay ahead of budget cuts and continue to produce training that allows you to assess learners, and identify opportunities for business results, despite limited resources.
“The ease in setting up new courses, pulling through standardized event templates, and feeding these automatically through to our website, with online sales and inquiries returning directly into Administrate, has helped us realize the back office efficiencies we were looking for when assessing the potential procurement of Administrate for our organization.”
Jane McIntosh

CMC Partnership (Business Assurance Manager and Change Management Prosci® Practitioner)

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Automate Training Management

Increase your training department’s efficiency without additional staff
  • Automate repeated communications, tasks, workflows, and notifications.
  • Simplify your complex tech stack and improve data integrity with native integrations, our developer portal, and an open API for easy connection to vital systems.
  • Ensure a seamless transition through implementation and beyond with our Pro Services team and the ongoing support level that’s right for you.
“We went from running our department via spreadsheets to being fully automated within three months, thanks to Administrate.”
Kevin Streater

ForgeRock (Vice President, ForgeRock University at ForgeRock)

Check out the features that make this possible


Analyze Training Effectiveness

Demonstrate positive training ROI with powerful reporting
  • Orient your training reports to your organization’s KPIs from the beginning, using our customizable reporting engine.
  • Automate the generation and delivery of key reports to keep your team informed and on-track.
  • Show the correlations between employee growth and customer satisfaction when you connect training reports to your strategic plan.
“Administrate comes built-in with the most expansive and flexible reporting system I have used in any cloud-based software solution. This has been invaluable to our goal of running an automated reporting environment.”
Paul Almond

TSW Training (Management, Information and Technology Lead)


Scale Your Training Operations

Create agility now, and for the future
  • Build your training program for flexibility with configurable platform options designed to evolve with your organization.
  • Find efficiency when you leverage customizations and automations created for your business.
  • Do more with less by leveraging fully integrated software to overcome the time-suck associated with manual operations and multiple platforms.
“We’ve seen a marked increase in business…and a marked increase in turnover, all with the same admin team we had prior.”
Steve Booker

Kentec Training (Managing Director)

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