Build Courses Faster with Flexible Course Templates

Flexible course templates reduce manual effort for building and managing complex course libraries.

Integrate Courses and
Business Systems

Administrate course templates are used to generate multiple training events, in different modalities, each following unique schedules and with specific requirements.

Editing the course template can propagate changes across all of the scheduled training events while keeping instructors and learners updated.
Data can even be added to course templates through integrations with other business systems. For example, you could leverage an integration with your HRIS to add learners to a course when their job title changes within the HRIS system.

Training team leader receiving sms notification that a worker was added to a course.

Course Templates Are a Training Data Pipeline

Administrate delivers powerful optimizations and insights because it accesses all of your training data, and course templates are one vital pipeline for that data.

Course card for Regulatory Compliance Essentials

Organize Critical Training Information with Course Templates

Identify curriculum, instructor, equipment, facility, and logistics needs in advance.

Course templates maintain a record of all information and logistical support needed to conduct the learning activity, ensuring efficient resource management, every time.

Use Course Templates to Simplify Scheduling

Plan classroon, e-learning, vILT, and blended learning activities — all in one place.

Schedule training at the best time, automate communications and enrollment, manage achievements and certificates, and build insightful reports.

scheduler showing learning mode, date, and time settings.
window for adding an achievement to a course template.

One Change Impacts All Course Instances

Refresh curriculum documents, add achievements, and more.

Course templates allow you to refresh and control course content quickly while maintaining full-scope portability against learning and organizational objectives.


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