Automated Email and SMS

Leverage Automated Email &
SMS to Boost Engagement

Administrate makes short work of bulk messaging. Explore how the
platform uses training data to message everyone involved in a
session, automatically

Automate L&D

Training teams spend hundreds of hours every month managing communications to learners and instructors.

Administrate makes it easy to automate these messages, eliminating the need to juggle bulk email lists, deal with mail merges, and schedule instructions or survey reminders.

Training professional setting up automated trigger 
Worker receiving personalized updates

Personalize Email and SMS Messages

It’s easy to send personalized messages to learners and instructors, even at scale.

Administrate connects data from the platform’s CRM of accounts, learners, and instructors with critical data from course templates to let you build personalized email and SMS messages.

Leading Teams Use Administrate to Transform Their Training Operations

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