Learning Paths

Track, Manage, and Predict Learning Outcomes

Create a Learning Journey for Your Students

Define a path of content, courses, and objectives that you want groups of students to achieve.
Easily track a group’s progress as they embark on their journey.
Plan your course offerings better, respond to problems, and keep track of how your students are progressing relative to each other.

How Our Customers Use Learning Paths


Onboarding New Staff

Easily define an onboarding plan for everyone in the company and then supplement the standard process with role-specific requirements.

Strategic Learning Objectives

Learning paths are a great way to provide a longer-term roadmap for employees, team members, partners, or customers that can provide context.

Personal Development Plans

You can easily design specific plans (by job role, or specific to individuals) for team members to help them grow.
Learning paths 1

Get Your Learners on the Right Path!

Educators often struggle to provide sufficient visibility to their students. With learning paths, students can easily see what’s required of them, and administrators can quickly and easily keep tabs on how learning is progressing.

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