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How Administrate Can Reduce Training Operation Cost

How Ping Identity Redefined Training Management with a Learning Tech Infrastructure

Ping Identity University is a training services provider operated by the training department at Ping Identity, a leading digital identity and access management organization founded by some of the brightest minds at Sun Microsystems.

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  • Industry

    IT & Software

  • Objective

    Scale the training program without increasing staff.

  • Results:

    100% year-on-year growth with the same small team.

How Training Impacts User Software Adoption and Secures a Low Churn Rate

A low churn rate and high customer usage and satisfaction with your software solution is the sweet spot to the sustainable growth of your organization.


Many software companies rely on NPS, robust support documentation, and a dynamic content strategy to achieve this sweet spot. Training is also at the core of ensuring a steady and reliably low churn rate and a high level of customer expertise with your software. Ping Identity knew this, yet their training team was being held back by inefficient training software solutions that resulted in a web of spreadsheets and disconnected learning analytics. They were losing valuable time, so they came to Administrate looking for a data-driven approach to training.

The Challenges

Using spreadsheets to manage course catalogs, instructor schedules, and course information was slowing their team down.

Accessing multiple disconnected systems compromised data integrity, making it difficult to connect the dots between training and organizational goals.

Bulk email sends to learners and instructors took up most of their team’s time, limiting their ability to think strategically about the future.

Several people gathered around a single laptop with papers and reports on a messy desk, while one person types on the laptop and the other two point at their screen.

Ping Identity University now achieves agile business goals because they have redefined what makes training operations efficient.

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Administrate is all about slick administration. When Sun Microsystems was at the height of its growth, around 2000 or 2001, I looked at the number of staff we had to deliver the same amount of content to the same number of students, and it was 10x the number of staff that I have globally now. To do the same job.
Headshot of Leonie Schwede.

Leonie Schwede

Director of Customer Training, Ping Identity

The Solutions

Synced calendars for resource availability, and course and instructor schedules provided their team with actionable visibility of training.

Administrate’s training operations platform provided Ping Identity with a single system of record where all their training data from multiple systems is housed.

Automated communication triggers, flexible course templates, and a powerful, customizable, no-code reporting engine empowered their team to get strategic.

The Results

Ping Identity Now Focuses on Strategically Advancing Training

  • 10 M

    in training every year through the Administrate platform

  • 100 %

    year-on-year growth

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One of the most common problems, when you’re running things manually from spreadsheets, is scaling your operation. The standard response is to expand the team and hire new staff. Actually the answer should be to invest in your system infrastructure. The answer is Administrate.
Headshot of Leonie Schwede.

Leonie Schwede

Director of Customer Training, Ping Identity

We’re a Partner Not a Vendor

Unlike other training software providers, we’re not going to leave you to figure it out after you log in to Administrate.

Our expert teams dedicated to implementation, development, and professional services have a substantial background in the training industry. They are standing by to help your organization achieve meaningful alignment and real business results. That’s part of the Administrate experience. We’ve already helped hundreds of organizations serving millions of learners. We’re ready to help you.

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