Coursecheck is a customer survey system, designed specifically for training providers to use in the classroom as a digital alternative to paper feedback forms. It allows users to reduce paperwork by replacing manual feedback forms, get support for their marketing by providing genuine customer insight, and it’s good for SEO too!

Integration Summary

Vendor: Coursecheck

Requires: Administrate & Coursecheck Account

Automatically Send Feedback Requests

The Coursecheck Integration Kit for Administrate lets you automate the process of collecting customer feedback. Scheduled events in Administrate are automatically uploaded to Coursecheck using the Administrate API. Feedback requests with event-specific links to Coursecheck are automatically sent out using Administrate triggers. Then, your customers can respond to feedback requests and add their reviews to Coursecheck.

Send Feedback Request Reminders to Those Who Haven’t Replied

Not every student will complete the feedback form first time, but the more reviews you generate, the better insights into customer satisfaction and course effectiveness you’ll get, so it’s important to remind your course attendees to provide a review, should they wish to. Administrate can also send reminder emails to students who haven’t yet clicked on the Coursecheck review page link.


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