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Training Management & COVID-19: Solutions for the Coronavirus Pandemic – Series Recap


Ross Sellers

Former Marketing Content Lead

Over the past few weeks John Peebles, CEO of Administrate, has been interviewing training leaders across the globe–from Washington, D.C., to Germany–about how COVID-19 has impacted training in their organizations. They’ve discussed many topics, including:

  • Training is not just reactionary, but a function of leadership and how that has never been more evident.
  • Steps they’re taking to get their training online so they can continue to reach their learners, and how this can be accomplished quickly.
  • Capturing insight into the value and effectiveness of your training when you have to change the way you deliver that training.
  • The value of partnerships during times like these, and the unique perspective they can provide.
  • How they’re addressing the fear and uncertainty around the coronavirus with their teams and their organization.

And much more. Below, we’ve curated some great examples of what John and fellow training leaders have discussed. You can also find a link to each full episode.

Episode 1

With Merav Yuravlivker, Data Society

In the first episode, John chatted with Merav Yuravlivker, CEO and Co-Founder of Data Society, about the questions training leaders should be asking right now and how analyzing the value and effectiveness of training changes when delivering it online.

“There’s a lot of new logistical aspects that we’re thinking through right now, and I am sure we’re going to make our fair share of mistakes and learn from them, but it will help us to continue to understand how we can provide an excellent product to all of our partners,” said Merav.

Here’s a short clip from that episode:

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Episode 2

With Jason Flowerday, MDBriefCase

Next, John discussed how Jason Flowerday, CEO of MDBriefCase, is addressing the fear and uncertainty of COVID-19 with his team and his organization. They also talk about how training is a function of leadership now more than ever.

“I think there is a heightened sensitivity and a heightened appreciation for the growing importance of training. What has happened in just the short number of weeks that we’ve really been facing COVID-19, is that those who have the ability to focus on training have garnered a lot of appreciation and leadership within their organizations,” Jason said.

Check out this short excerpt from that episode:Lis

Listen to the Full Episode Now!

Episode 3

With Julia Rosenthal, TÜV SÜD

In this episode, John and Julia Rosenthal, Manager of International Business Development & Strategy at TÜV SÜD, talk about what it has been like being on the ground in Italy. Their training centers have all been shut down, and they have had to pivot to virtual classrooms. She shares some of the challenges they’ve faced in this transition and the success that has come from it.

“In every crisis, there is also something good,” Julia remarked.

Listen to a short clip of that episode:

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Episode 4

With Kevin Streater, ForgeRock University at ForgeRock

In the final episode of the series, John talks to long-term partner Kevin Streater, Vice President of ForgeRock University at ForgeRock. Kevin provides his perspective on partnerships and the value they offer, during the hard times and the good times.

“We literally haven’t missed a beat as we’ve transitioned from being a hybrid of classroom and online to just being online only,” said Kevin.

Listen to a short clip from that episode:

Listen to the Full Episode Now!

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Now more than ever, Learning & Development professionals are being turned to as a source of leadership, direction, and insight as the world deals with the Coronavirus crisis.

Delivering training in rapidly changing situations is always a challenge, and that is especially true now. This crisis impacts different industries in vastly different ways, and organizations deal with change in unique ways. Let us know how our team of training management experts can support you during this time.



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Ross Sellers was a Marketing Content Lead at Administrate.


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