vILT Rapid Implementation

Add Virtual Instructor-led Training, Fast

Convert vital, in-person training events to an online environment in as little as five business days.

Our Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) Platform + Rapid Implementation is a launch of Administrate training platform at full strength, scaled to your immediate virtual learning and virtual classroom needs.

Included vILT Features

  • Scheduling and tracking of training events and courses.
  • A branded student portal for ILT, vILT, and e-learning.
  • Automatic messaging for course reminders via text and SMS.
  • Automatic certificates issued for learners upon course completion.
  • An in-platform document management system for all course documents and materials with embedded version tracking.
  • Live course catalog and secure e-commerce functionality for selling courses online.
  • Our industry-leading reporting engine to create advanced, customized reports against any data in the system.
  • Administrate’s support team with 24-hour response included, as well as options for 4-hour, and 2-hour human response SLAs.
  • Significant expansion options for the future . Scale your use of the Administrate training platform as business needs evolve.

Go Virtual and Add eLearning Now

Our team of training management experts will meet with you to determine your needs and priorities, then provide a clear action plan to get your vILT capabilities running as quickly as possible.

Pro services consultant walking through the Administrate platform

Are You Ready to Convert to vILT?

What do you need in order to make the switch from instructor-led to virtual instructor-led training with Administrate?

Our team of training management experts will walk through the process with you. For now,  here’s a check list to get you started.

Get the guide

  • A Zoom Account

    The vILT Rapid Implementation includes a native integration with Zoom. Set up a Zoom account here. Need a different video conferencing platform? Let’s talk.

  • A Stripe Account

    Selling courses online? vILT Rapid Implementation comes equipped with a Stripe integration. Set up a Stripe account here.

  • Ready-to-Convert Content

    SCORM, mp4, pdf, etc., all qualify for use. Our LMS supports all formats, and we’ll work with you to ensure a seamless transition.

  • Defined Data Sets

    Have your contacts and accounts, ready for import.

Developer working on code

Think You Have a Challenging Tech Stack?

We’ve got advanced IT help.

Implement vILT Now, Scale Later

Setting up virtual instructor-led training (vILT) in Administrate means that the full capabilities of the Administrate platform are ready and available for you to scale your use as business needs change.

We’ve served millions of learners across hundreds of organizations. We look forward to helping you. Check out all our platform has to offer.

Your dedicated Account Manager will be able to help guide you in practical ways to lean into the power of Administrate to enable your training operations to remain available, reliable, and reportable as your business grows.

The first step is to speak with one of our training management experts.