How to Show Training ROI With Learning Analytics

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How to Align Training Reports with Business Outcomes

Analyzing Training Data in Administrate

This blog is part of the How to Align Training Needs with Business Outcomes blog and video series. In this article, we explore how a training management platform allows training teams to analyze learning metrics, connect those metrics to other data, and create a powerful data-driven Business Intelligence solution. Check out the video below to see how it works.

Learning tech often comes with plenty of built-in reports. It’s easy enough to see learner engagement metrics, course completion stats, and course sign up data in your LMS. These reports are often limited by the tool itself, and cannot access all of your training data. They can’t see everything in your organization, and so, they can’t give you a full report on training’s impact.

Can these pre-made reports answer questions like: How did training drive revenue this quarter? How did training help the company meet a goal of reduced employee turnover? What’s the real ROI of our training program?

Watch the Video: Analyze Training Data, Show ROI

Connect Mainline Business Goals to Training Activity

Learning tech typically lacks the visibility into other core business systems, such as HRIS, finance and accounting, and critical CRMs. Administrate uses both native integrations and a robust open API to connect our platform to other business systems. This allows Administrate to connect training activity to larger business goals, so you can quickly see how you’re moving the needle on organizational objectives.

This allows Administrate to share training data with other systems and likewise capture and analysis data from those systems. This allows you to build the foundation for robust, powerful learning analytics that yields actionable insights, not just mere activity reports. You can, for example, have learner records updated in real time when their HR records are updated. You can likewise push data about course completions back to other teams, such as your compliance department. Reports can be created that are tailored to different audiences, so you can show how training programs are specifically impacting certain goals and objectives.

The Boston Whaler Story - How Administrate helped find and reverse causes for employee turnover

Create and Share Reports that Show Training Impact and ROI

Reports can be created in Administrate from any field, and in almost any combination. You can create reports that show how training impacts team performance over time, quickly see which groups are in compliance with required training, get reports on credentials, learner engagement, and more.

Reports can be set to run automatically, emailing results to key stakeholders, so you can keep everyone clear on exactly how training is impacting business goals. Administrate can pull data from different sources, not just your LMS, to create robust reports. This allows you to connect training reports to financial records, compliance goals, employee hiring and turnover objectives, and more.

Adapt and Scale Training Reports to Meet New Challenges

The reporting engine in Administrate is built to adapt and scale, like every part of our training management software. Because Administrate is decidedly not a one-size-fits-all solution, you can configure the learning analytics, reports, and dashboards in Administrate to reflect exactly what your team needs.  As you grow and adapt, Administrate can change to meet new challenges.

This flexibility is enabled by our custom report builder, allowing you to add any field within Administrate or connected systems into your report. You can modify the report to show relationships between different data types so you can illustrate the specific ROI of training against precise goals.

A view of a report being edited in Administrate

Grow From Mere Activity Reports to Business Intelligence

Training teams have been forced to use off-the-shelf reports that are built into an LMS or other training solution. These reports only show activity metrics – how many courses have been completed, how many answers were scored correctly – and they do not offer context or analysis. A training management platform like Administrate allows training teams to go from mere activity reports to sophisticated Business Intelligence. Our software provides the infrastructure needed to connect data from different systems into a single, actional view that can grow from reporting on past activities to forecasting future states.

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