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How Training Programs Evolve Toward Business Intelligence


Ross Sellers

Former Marketing Content Lead

Where is Your Organization in the BI Journey?


Are You Measuring Training Activity or Business Impact?

In this infographic outlining a short excerpt from Administrate’s new ebook, Executive Training Insights: Business Intelligence Strategies for Training Organizations, explore some of the attributes that make up each stage of the BI journey as training teams, and their organizations, progress from information to intelligence.

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In the Ebook, your team will discover:


  • The assumptions many training teams make about their reporting in each stage, and how these assumptions can tempt training programs to stagnate.
  • Some of the limitations that keep training operations trapped in any given stage, and how these limitations can be exacerbated by your team’s EdTech Infrastructure.
  • The indicators that help training teams in identifying when it’s time to move to the next stage, and the levers that provide mobility.


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Ross Sellers was a Marketing Content Lead at Administrate.


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