Training Operations Platform, Priced to Scale

Administrate is a learning tech platform designed, and priced, to scale with your training team.

When you buy Administrate, you’re able to pay only for the scope you need, when you need it, while retaining available access to all that our powerful training operations platform offers. Extend your use of Administrate when needs change or new opportunities arise.

From the reporting, to the automation, to the approval process, to the event creation - there are so many little things the system does and that I can use, it’s fantastic.

Maria Carcache-Jatib

Manager, Maritime Admin and System Support

Royal Caribbean Group

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From the reporting, to the automation, to the approval process, to the event creation - there are so many little things the system does and that I can use, it’s fantastic.

Maria Carcache-Jatib

Manager, Maritime Admin and System Support

Royal Caribbean Group

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What Administrate Costs

Administrate is a configurable platform solution for training
management. So, your investment in using the platform is
configurable, too. Pricing begins with a base cost, then considers
your specific scope of use.

Cost Factors

Your total cost for Administrate will depend upon the specifics of your project and anticipated use.

We’re happy to provide you with a detailed estimate at any time. For a more accurate cost analysis, be prepared with as much of the following information as possible:

  • Size of your organization.
  • Number of training organization users.
  • Number of learners and employees.
  • Scope of implementation and integrations.
  • Optional upgrades to Administrate University and SLA for ongoing support.

What You Get When You Buy Administrate

When you decide to use Administrate, you’re getting a lot more than just a cloud-based, configurable learning tech infrastructure for your training operations. You’ll also receive our partnership in your long-term success. Here’s what that looks like.

Training Technology Infrastructure Plan

Your customized roadmap to long-term ROI.

Dedicated Account Manager

Available to you and your team from day one, with quarterly assessments of how we can better support your work.

Support Team

Choose your SLA with our global live support desk. Access online support site 24/7.

Administrate University

We’ll train and certify your team as users of Administrate, with advanced badges available to support your team’s growth and professional development.

Success Community

Newsletters, webinars, gatherings for best practices, idea sharing, and connection with other learning professionals who use Administrate.

Access to Administrate’s Developer Experience (DX)

Utilize a range of tools to explore and test the capabilities of Administrate for your specific tech needs.

Priority Access

Get access to new platform features and capabilities as they are launched.

One of the most common problems, when you’re running things manually from spreadsheets, is scaling your operation. The standard response is to expand the team and hire new staff. Actually the answer should be to invest in your system infrastructure. The answer is Administrate.

Kevin Streater

Vice President of ForgeRock University


What’s Your Learning Tech Project Timeline?

Implementing Administrate as your learning tech infrastructure is a significant decision, but we know your goals cannot wait. From the moment you sign an agreement, you can expect the process to move quickly.

Managing your project to strategic deadlines? We’re happy to take a phased approach, based on your priorities. Meet with us to discuss timing considerations.

Here’s what’s happened in Administrate in the past 12 months:

  • 3 projects completed on time.
  • 5 integrations achieved per customer.
  • Site up in 5 days.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Because Administrate is a configurable platform, you can decide what, when,and how much to deploy at any given time. Our Training Technology Infrastructure Plan process will be a great help in defining this scope with you.

Yes. We’re able to set your payment schedule in alignment with your budget calendar.

Administrate offers a 3-year standard term, but talk to us if you are seeking another contract term for your project.

Yes, a one-year POC term can be available. Let’s discuss what you need to prove.

We’re an enterprise product. We understand that a diverse team of stakeholders from various areas of your organization will be involved in your decision, buying, and implementation processes. We have a collaborative consideration process that we’re glad to facilitate. Contact us to learn more about it.

Because of our platform’s extensibility, Administrate has proven to be a great choice for organizations that need to deliver both employee and customer and/or partner training. Industries with complex workforce management models, such as manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and more, find tremendous value in Administrate’s AI-powered scheduling tools.

We’re a Partner, Not a Vendor

Administrate was created in and for the training industry. Creating a relationship of continuous learning and improvement is at the heart of the platform we’ve built, and of how we do business.

Still not sure if Administrate is right for you? Watch our Virtual demo.