Manage 100% of Enterprise Training Operations in One Platform

Configurable training management software, designed to grow with your organization.

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Trusted by hundreds of companies and millions of learners.

Scale. Efficiency. Alignment. Momentum. Success.

Level up your training program when you utilize the only learning technology infrastructure designed within and for enterprise learning and development. That’s Administrate.

  • A Platform Approach

    Build your learning tech stack on a reliable, secure, cloud-based software, designed to grow with your organization.

  • Scale

    Configure the right training management infrastructure for you. Utilize the features you need now. Evolve later, without changing software.

  • Efficiency

    Maintain document version and catalog control. Manage all modalities from one interface. Automate learner engagement tasks and communication.

How Could Your Team Work Differently If Everything Was In One Place?

Establishing an infrastructure for your learning organization’s learning tech stack provides the agility and stability you need.

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Training Operations Software for Enterprise Leaders

Identify learning gaps, upskilling needs, and strategic business wins that training can deliver when your learning tech is designed to lead the organization with you.

  • Alignment

    Integrate training data across business systems, including HRIS, ERP/MRP, and Finance. Use AI to coordinate training logistics. Report to your KPIs.

  • Momentum

    Leverage our no-code reporting engine for learning analytics to spot training needs. Inspire employees with learning paths and instant certificates.

  • Success

    Get support from our experts and onboarding tools to configure, deliver, measure, and grow your training program’s operational success.

We’re a Partner, Not a Vendor

With Administrate, you’re not on your own to find innovative solutions. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


Our training management experts work with you to determine the business impact of migrating to the Administrate platform.


Administrate’s Professional Services team tailors our solution to your needs, including establishing any necessary integrations.


Administrate’s Professional Services team tailors our solution to your needs, including establishing any necessary integrations.

Measurable Results

  • 46 %

    Saved on training operations

  • 55 %

    Reduction in employee turnover

  • 87 %

    Of manual work automated

Optimize Your Training Operations

Managing a training program off of spreadsheets can lead to inefficient operations. Get recommendations on how you can save budget and increase your capacity to scale.

One of the most common problems, when you’re running things manually from spreadsheets, is scaling your operation. The standard response is to expand the team and hire new staff. Actually the answer should be to invest in your system infrastructure. The answer is Administrate.

Kevin Streater

Kevin Streater | Vice President

ForgeRock University

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Administrate was created in and for the training industry.

Creating a relationship of continuous learning and improvement is at the heart of the platform we’ve built, and of how we do business.