How Training Teams Can Utilize Data-driven Decision Making

50 minute watch

In this video, John Peebles joins Training Industry for a Leader Talk dedicated to digital transformation in learning. John discusses how training teams can utilize data-driven decision making to level up their training programs.

Administrate Webinar: How Training Teams Can Utilize Data-driven Decision Making. - Training Industry: Leader Talk with John Peebles CEO of Administrate.

Included in this Discussion

  • A deep-dive into data models for training teams, revealing the characteristics of useful models and actionable ways to deploy them.
  • Honest look at current learning technology and how it limits training teams.
  • How you can being unlocking the potential in your own training data.

Unlock Data-Driven Decision Making

In this webinar, John talks about why data-driven decision making is important. Take the next step and learn how you can build a data-driven training team with what you have on hand right now.