Evaluate Your Learning Tech for Resilience

20 minute read

This guide will help you evaluate your learning tech for long-term durability, adaptability, and efficiency.

Administrate Guide: Training and Organizational Resilience - Reclaiming Your Learning Tech Infrastructure

Training Management Systems: Force Multipliers for Enterprise Training

What if you could leverage software to scale your team’s efforts to meet organization goals?

That’s what your software should be delivering, yet training is the catalyst to a ton of business goals right now. Too many for most learning systems to handle.

You’re expected to identify and maximize strategic business opportunities for training, show how training impacts core organizational goals, and manage complex training programs with limited resources.

Multiplying your resources with the help of software is one way to build resilience for your team.

In this guide, you’ll:

  • Learn the three attributes of resilient learning technology.
  • Evaluate your existing learning tech for agility.
  • Explore the advantages of a training operations platform.

Why Prioritize Organizational Resilience?

  • Adapt to Change

    The right training software can help your team adapt to change. Learn how  tech investment is change management.

  • Be Ready to Scale

    Most learning tech solves a single problem, and isn’t fully integrated with business systems. Learn why that limits how you can scale.

  • Streamline Resources

    The best training software automates and reduces manual effort. See how better resource management makes your team more adaptable.

Administrate's software helps peopple like you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Training leads change within an organization, and is often the first team to be tasked with resolving unexpected challenges. If your learning technology is not able to adapt, the entire organization is at risk. Organizational goals can be missed, opportunities lost, and time wasted. A vulnerable training function is mired in manual workarounds, saddled with learning tech that doesn’t easily share data, and struggles to show training impact and connect outcomes to goals.

Optimizing for resilience means reducing, or eliminating, blockers that prevent training operations from being flexible. An immediate benefit is the removal of complex, manual processes and replacing them with elegant, automated solutions. This immediately returns time to your team that can be spent elsewhere.

Administrate training software is an extensible, highly configurable platform. You connect your existing training software and other business systems to Administrate to reap the benefits of our software’s features. As you grow, scale, and face new challenges, Administrate is ready to transform with you.

Evaluate Your Training Software for Long-term Resilience