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Morgan International

Morgan International offers a number of professional training courses to students all over the world. With offices currently based in 34 locations worldwide, they’ve had over 70,000 students sign up to study with them so far! Morgan is an implementation, sales, and referral partner for Administrate in the Middle East and Northern Africa region.


PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association) is the lead trade association for the mobile access tower industry. PASMA provides and oversees the standard industry training for mobile access towers, meaning the PASMA certificate and ID card are widely recognised as the only acceptable proof of competence. PASMA has partnered with Administrate to provide a special “PASMA Edition” of Administrate for their members.
Cluster Integrations

Cluster WebShop

Cluster WebShop offers full search facilities for courses, course catalogues and course categories, and a full shopping cart. Check out using purchase orders, training vouchers and credit cards, and keep your course descriptions and event listing up to date automatically.

University of York

Located in the beautiful city of York, the University of York opened in 1963 and has since become one of the world’s leading universities. With a student body of 16,000, the university is a member of the elite Russell Group of universities. With a high focus on research, the university houses 30 academic departments and research centres.


Elucidat gives users the ability to create high quality, interactive eLearning content without having to use an external service, which they can then upload to their own LMS. Creation of eLearning content in-house means customers can save both time and money, and spend more time making their content look amazing and personalised. Elucidat courses are also designed to work on all computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Elucidat and Administrate work together to make sure our mutual customers are successful when authoring and delivering great eLearning content.


iSpring Solutions, Inc. provides a range of software products focused on high-end media software developments. Their software means customers can do things like create eLearning courses, convert documents easily to PowerPoint, share professional presentations, and provide corporate training. They also offers more advanced software for specific needs, such as a quiz maker, a PowerPoint to video convertor, and software for professional developers. iSpring and Administrate work together to make sure our mutual customers are successful when authoring and delivering great eLearning content.


Easygenerator lets their users create, design, and publish their own eLearning courses quickly and easily using their eLearning software. Their easy to use, code-free design means it’s easy for even a novice to jump right in and start designed their own eLearning content. Easygenerator also features smart templates, and one-click publishing, making it as easy as possible for users to create their own content. Easygenerator and Administrate work together to make sure our mutual customers are successful when authoring and delivering great eLearning content.

Coursecheck is a ratings and reviews website for training courses that doubles as a comprehensive customer survey tool, designed to replace paper forms or other online survey tools. High quality commercial training providers use the site to showcase all their customer feedback and “prove” how good their courses are. Reviews are more effective on an independent website and it’s good for SEO too. Coursecheck and Administrate work together to make sure our mutual customers can make the most of the feedback they collect.


Dulann delivers a complete eLearning solution via the cloud, allowing users to learn at their own time and pace. With over 40 years of management experience, Dulann helps customers reduce training costs, eliminate scheduling problems and improve performance. eLearning programmes are designed in-line with the latest developments in learning theory, and are created so users can easily apply their newly gained knowledge in the workplace. Dulann can also provide a suite of courses which are available for resale. Dulann and Administrate work together to make sure our mutual customers are successful when authoring and delivering great eLearning content.
Learn Et Al

Learn Et Al

Learn Et Al is a leading eLearning design agency with one central purpose: to create truly exceptional learning experiences that engage and inspire learners. They develop bespoke, cutting-edge digital programmes with a range of clients; which include leading business schools, FTSE 100 companies and other corporate organisations. Combining academic rigour with deep rooted industry experience, their team of experts will help to digitise learning materials across all devices. Their instructional design capability will mean that your programme meets the learning objectives; utilises clear pedagogic flow and logic; excites and engages your learners; and provides clear feedback on effectiveness and learner behaviour.


CloudShare delivers real-world Training labs for classrooms, self-paced training, and technical certifications. Using best-in-class, firewall-friendly cloud technology, CloudShare allows staff, partners, and customers to access lab environments from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, in seconds. CloudShare is self-provisioning and truly on-demand – so there is no need to invest in physical hardware. Their virtualization platform simplifies even the most complex, multi-tier environments. Set up labs once and environments will automatically provision based on trainer needs and student availability. Their customer base includes HP, Dell, and most major software security companies. Labs leverage data centers in the Americas, EMEA and APAC.


eThink Education is a Certified Moodle Partner providing a fully-managed experience for the Learning Management System Moodle, including implementation, cloud hosting, integration, and management services. Open-source Moodle is the most widely used LMS in the world. When implemented and managed by experts, Moodle is an extremely dynamic platform that surpasses the functionality of competing systems. eThink’s Moodle support and cloud hosting services offer unrivalled performance and exceptional value.

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