Everything you need to manage live customer training

Whether you’re running 100s (or 1000s) of trainings across the globe, Administrate is your one-stop shop to plan, schedule, coordinate, and communicate every detail—in person or on Zoom.

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Planning, coordinating, and executing tons of live training is an administrative nightmare

Planning is complex

Planning training requires open rooms, qualified instructors, clear schedules—and a thousand other variables.

Scheduling is worse

Scheduling training without overlap is like solving a 10,000 piece puzzle, taking the bulk of someone’s full-time job.

Constant communications

Communicating everything (reminders, schedule changes, answering questions) is nearly impossible.

Something always goes wrong

When issues come up (instructors get sick, equipment breaks, rooms are double-booked), you’re left scrambling.

Administrate is a training management system built specifically for in-person training


Create re-usable resource templates for your training

Planning on running a training multiple times? Map out all the needed resources (equipment, qualified instructors, locations, etc.) so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel for every training.

Illustration demonstrating approved personnel, required communications, and available resources filtering through a course template for events.
Administrate Scheduler UI elements such as issue highlights, the add instructor modal, and session conflict alerts.


Get every training on the calendar in minutes without fear of double booking

Administrate helps you decide who, what, when, and where related to each of your training, while taking into account all the dependencies and potential conflicts.


Handle all communication before, during, and after a training session

Administrate allows you to automate email and SMS to instructors, attendees, and any other stakeholders without needing to rely on inflexible templates.

Abstracted email editor in Administrate illustrating forms of communication that can be sent and follow-on actions from recipients.
Abstracted visual of the dashboard in Administrate, alongside system alerts for task status, issues, low fill rate, and missing resources.


Let Administrate solve your last minute problems for you

Instructor called in sick? Classroom no longer available? Equipment needs replacing? Administrate will alert you of a problem and offer potential solutions.

We’ve got you covered

  • Screenshot of Administrate showing a report indicating which instructor are qualified to teach a course.

    Reporting and analytics

    See important metrics across all your training — i.e. revenue generated, learning outcomes, utilization, etc.

  • Screenshot showing how Administrate calendar sync works to connect instructor and training calendars across different platforms.

    Instructor calendar sync

    Connect and combine multiple instructors’ calendars to see their shared availability.

  • A screenshot of Administrate’s finance tools overlaid with a training professional creating a new revenue opportunity in the training management system.

    Pricing engine

    Sell training a-la carte, as a subscription, or as an additional charge with the purchase of equipment.

  • A screenshot of Administrate’s task workflow list overlaid with a training management professional smiling.

    Custom workflows

    Automate prep work for attendees (i.e. send VISA invitations to out of country guests, ask about dietary restrictions, confirm licenses, and more.)

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“Scaling training operations is a common problem. Rather than hire new staff, we invested in Administrate.”
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Leonie Schwede

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Screenshots of the planning canvas in Scheduler, an AI powered scheduling tool available with Administrate. These screens show additional booking options.