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Learning Technology: Scalability Assessment

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About This Assessment

This assessment will help you evaluate existing learning technology for areas of strength or weakness, and inform strategic decisions about future investment.

This test compares your answers against data from hundreds of training teams to provide an accessible, and actionable, evaluation of your learning technology ability to scale enterprise training.

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This assessment evaluates your training program’s potential to scale and helps you identify barriers to growth - essentially highlighting what is holding your training program back. This Learning Tech Scalability Index Assessment is based on the work done by Carnegie Mellon University in the pioneering days of large scale software development and subsequent iterations of maturity models and growth forecast tools across the training and learning technology landscape. There are five categories that define potential for growth and measure organizational resilience within a training team. This assessment helps you explore each of those categories.

Answer the questions honestly. The test will tally your score and provide detailed evaluations about your team’s potential to scale training operations. The evaluations also provide actionable next steps to advance your training program to the next level.

This data comes from anonymized, aggregated data from our own customers, which reflect a mix of North American and European enterprise organizations.

Learning Technology: Scalability Index

What Is Your Capacity to Scale Training?

Evaluate your ability to scale against aggregate data from hundreds of top training teams. Get a report detailing how your learning tech performs in five critical categories, and how you can improve.