automate communications


Eliminate Individual Emails


Communicating with your learners is a key part of the training management process, but those tasks require a lot of time. Administrate’s automation features enable you to keep your learners in the loop while you focus on other details.


Easy Email + SMS

Save hundreds of hours by setting up communication templates that are automatically triggered based on criteria you specify.


Award Certificates Fast

Generate automatically or with a single click, populate the certificates earned and get them distributed to your learners right away.


Craft Learning Paths

Create learning journeys by job role, department, or any other criteria you wish. Assign learners to the paths they need and keep track of their progress.



Administrate Plays Well With Others


Training is a core business function and training data shouldn’t be isolated from the rest of your tech stack. That’s why Administrate has been built for smooth integration with common and custom systems. Plug in our ready-to-use integrations or our open API to achieve the seamless architecture your organization needs.

Turnkey Integrations

We’ve already prepared integrations with commonly used systems, including: CloudShare, Zoom, SurveyMonkey, and Xero. We’re adding more all of the time.

Powerful Open API

Our Application Programming Interface (API) is RESTful (Representational State Transfer), which means it uses the standard HTTP verbs of GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE to execute different operations.

Communication Triggers, and Task Workflow tabs of the Administrate Platform

Explore How Administrate Saves You Time and Reduces Errors

Administrate’s powerful software for training management reduces errors and builds margin for new projects and initiatives by automating critical, repetitive tasks. When common tasks are handled by software, your team is free to focus on executing strategic value. This five-step virtual tour digs deeper into the features that make Administrate the best solution for automating all of your training operations.

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