Case Study

Royal Caribbean Group

How Administrate Boosts Productivity

Royal Caribbean Group Saved 10% of Annual Budget and Boosted Productivity by 87%

Royal Caribbean Group drives innovation at sea with a class of ships that each feature the latest in architectural and technological marvels, along with unique guest experiences. The Group ensures offices around the globe receive the training needed to support and grow the company.

Royal Caribbean Group

  • Industry:

    Travel and Hospitality

  • Objective:

    Reduce repetitive, manual tasks.

  • Result:

    87% reduction in manual tasks, no more empty seats.

No More Empty Seats

Royal Caribbean Group was losing 10% of its annual budget to empty seats at training events. In order to maintain first-rate travel and hospitality experiences, and consistently train a distributed workforce, Royal Caribbean Group runs training events across the globe. When empty seats at training events happen at that scale, the costs directly impact the training budget. Additionally, the training team spent more than 80% of their time manually managing vital administrative tasks. They came to Administrate looking for a solution.

The Challenges

Disconnected learning and business systems made keeping track of learner data difficult. This meant missed training opportunities, unreliable course schedules, and unfilled seats.

Managing complex training logistics via spreadsheets was slowing their team down.

Learner engagement was produced manually. They spent hours sending thousands of emails and SMS communications one at a time.

Man at desk in front of window looking at a large spreadsheet on monitor while comparing to another spreadsheet on a laptop.

Royal Caribbean Group now automates repetitive tasks and leverages a powerful data-driven solution to optimize training operations, filling every seat.

From the reporting, to the automation, to the approval process, to the event creation - there are so many little things the system does and that I can use, it’s fantastic.

Maria Carcache-Jatib

Manager, Maritime Admin and System Support

Royal Caribbean Group

The Solution

Now, Royal Caribbean Group manages training operations in one platform and boosts productivity with automation.

They now get direct and easy access to back-office insight from Administrate’s powerful reporting engine.

Royal Caribbean has eliminated the manual training approval process from their day-to-day workflow.

top-down view of a Royal Caribbean Group cruise ship

The Results

No More Empty Seats for Royal Caribbean Group

  • 10 %

    Saved Annually on Training Costs

  • 87 %

    of Vital Tasks Automated

  • 2700 +

    Copy and Paste Communications Are Now Automated

One of the biggest issues we needed to resolve was: empty seats. We couldn't manage cancellations well. Now, with Administrate, we’re able to not only stay ahead of cancellations with automated reminders, but also fill seats quickly when cancellations do happen, using the waitlist feature they built for us.

Matthew Pickett

Manager of Maritime Safety

Royal Caribbean Group

We’re a Partner, Not Just a Vendor

Unlike other training software providers, we’re not going to leave you to figure it out after you sign on. Our expert teams dedicated to implementation, development, and professional services have a substantial background in the training industry. They are standing by to help your organization achieve meaningful alignment and real business results. That’s part of the Administrate experience. We’ve already helped hundreds of organizations serving millions of learners. We’re ready to help you.

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