Inside Look Administrate’s Sandbox

Native Integrations & An Open API

Administrate is designed to be the core of your EdTech infrastructure. Our training management platform acts as the foundation for the rest of your EdTech environment and features configurability that can be turned on immediately. An open API, that’s publicly accessible, can be used to create seamless integrations with the rest of your critical EdTech systems so your training program can continue to grow sustainably and efficiently as your business encounters changes.


Configurable to Your Learning and Development Team

The Administrate platform comes equipped to be configurable to your unique training program. You can turn on the features you need now to keep your business competitive and enable features later as your training program scales with the rest of your organization.


Native Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with popular platforms like Zoom for virtual training, Xero for finance tracking, and SurveyMonkey for learner analytics, plus many more. Bring your systems together with native integrations, so you can keep track of everything from one system.


Open API

If we don’t have the integration you need, our open API can be leveraged to build connections with your most critical EdTech systems so you can design an EdTech infrastructure with the long-term vision in mind. This includes HRiS, LMS, and Compliance Tech integrations, among others.

Administrate customer training

Supporting Your Scaled Growth

We’re a partner, not just a vendor, and we come alongside your team to help you reach your objectives as your organization changes and encounters new challenges. We meet you where you are, and help you configure the platform to your unique needs. Administrate’s team of training management experts are always standing by to assist your training operations in growing through training management, so you can, in turn, impact your organization’s scalability.

Professional Services Team

Our Professional Services team supports your training program in configuring the platform to your specific needs, including IT support to get integrations set up, custom development solutions, and strategic planning for the long-term.

Account Management Team

Our Account Management team is there to support you every step of the way throughout our partnership. This includes consistent check-ins with your team, and strategy development as your organization grows and encounters new and exciting challenges.

Client Website, Salesforce CRM Configuration, and Custom Fields tabs on the Administrate Platform

Explore How Administrate Scales Training Operations

Go deeper, and explore how Administrate software adds agility, flexibility, and resilience to your team. With learning systems seamlessly connected, data-driven decision making at your fingertips, and reliable automation reducing errors and saving time - training teams see immediate results. This five-step virtual tour digs deeper into the features that make Administrate the best solution for scaling all of your training operations.

We’re a Partner, Not a Vendor

Administrate was created in and for the training industry. Creating a relationship of continuous learning and improvement is at the heart of the platform we’ve built, and of how we do business.

Still not sure if Administrate is right for you? Watch our Virtual demo.