Manage Schedules and Keep Track of Resources

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    Set your program’s calendar and manage instructor, learner, and resource scheduling concerns – all in one place.

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    Master version control of key documents and curriculum in a single source, knowing you’re always operating from the most current version.

Event & Finance Tools


Manage People & Costs


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    Automate event-related communications with instructors, learners, and vendors to keep planning on track.

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    Use Administrate’s integration capabilities to connect training management with your accounting platform to ensure costs are tracked correctly and you’re on-budget.

Reports and Learning Path Accreditation tabs on the Administrate Platform

Explore How Administrate Streamlines L&D Planning

It is easier to plan and strategize training initiatives when everything - from your course catalog to your learner data - is aggregated, connected, and in one place. This five-step virtual tour digs deeper into the features that make Administrate the best solution for planning all of your training operations.

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