All Your Training Resources, In a Single System

Training resources are anything that your training department needs to run your courses successfully. Administrate empowers you to track all your training resources from a centralized platform, schedule your courses with the appropriate resources, and report on everything in seconds.

Track Your Instructors

Schedule instructors with ease, so you can maximize course opportunities. Store course surveys to gauge learner satisfaction. Monitor instructor payments and other associated costs.

Store Your Documents

Take command of version control over key course documents. Searching for documents is easy, and completely controllable with user- role-based permission settings.

Automate Communications

Save time and ensure a quality learner and vendor experiences with automated email settings. Create the email templates you need once, then schedule emails to trigger at just the right time.


Manage Your Entire Catalog

Built for maximum flexibility, we’re dedicated to supporting all forms of training delivery, no matter how you approach your learners. Online, instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, and blending learning: you can manage it all with Administrate.

Reuse Course Templates

Set up your custom catalog of course templates to save time and reduce errors. Include typical descriptions that you can reuse for maximum efficiency and consistency.

Administrate Courses

Manage all your course-related admin centrally from Administrate, so everything is easy to find, including documents, joining instructions, sign-in sheets, evaluation forms, certificates, achievements, and much more!

Publish Your Catalog

Schedule and publish courses in just a few clicks. Courses and events are displayed on your internal calendar, on your training website, and on your internal course list. Users can filter and find their courses everywhere.


Chart a Course for Your Learners

Satisfy compliance or certifications needs easily and predictably with learning paths. Map out the journey of each learner in your organization. Define the exact path you want your learners to follow with content, courses, objectives.

Execute Your Strategy

Align your training program with key business objective for your organization. Set learning paths to ensure employees are on track and compare learning goals to organizational performance.

Onboard New Staff

Easily define an onboarding plan for everyone in the company and then supplement the standard process with role-specific requirements.

Customize Learning Plans

Create specific learning plans according to job role or career path to help employees grow while you manage the workforce and skill needs of your organization.

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Learn More About Organizing Training Operations

Go further and explore how Administrate’s unique approach to learning technology allows training teams to organize operations all in one place. When your content, course catalog, calendars, and learner + instructor data lives in harmony, it’s easier to manage training. This five-step virtual tour digs deeper into the features that make Administrate the best solution for organizing all of your training operations.

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