Increase Efficiency without Additional Staff

Administrate’s training management platform is designed to make life easier for your team by alleviating pain points such as repetitive tasks, duplicate data entry, and manual management of tasks that could be automated. Increase your learner numbers with ease and without creating additional work for your team.

Save Time with Automation

Instead of managing repetitive tasks manually, automate tasks such as learner communications, reports, certificates, evaluation forms, survey requests, and much more!

Introduce New Learning Modalities

Administrate supports whatever type of learning you want to offer your learners to ensure you are offering as many delivery options as possible.

Do More Without Hiring More Staff

Our platform can cut down on repetitive tasks and save you so much time as a result that your training department will get more done every day, all without spending more money on hiring more staff members!

Find Out How Your Team Can Reveal Business Impact